Wedding Decoration Best Ideas For Summer Weddings

summer wedding decoration ideas (15)

Summer is a great time for weddings, parties and events because in this season people come out of their houses to enjoy the weather and wear clothes as they like or want. In the cold winter season everyone has to bear the burden of thick warm clothes and they feel uneasy by wearing heavy thick outfits

so summer is great time for them because they got rid of heavy clothes and it is the time to show off their beauty so mostly parties and wedding ceremonies are arranged in this season.

After the selection of wedding attires for both the bride and groom the thing comes to mind is the wedding decoration. People want to make the venue as beautiful and unique as never seen before so here we are giving you some ideas about summer wedding decorations.

First of all, select a theme for your wedding and what do you think about sunflower theme. Make all of your decoration by using the sunflowers or the colors of sunflowers; wedding cake is one of the most important things

so try to garnish your wedding cake with fresh or sugary sunflowers and use it as a cake topper also, cover your dinner table with white spread, tie a yellow ribbon all around the table and fill it with yellow crockery and real sunflowers placed in glass vase or jar.

Some people like to arrange wedding ceremony on beachside to enjoy the fresh air at the sea, so make your decorations according to the sunflower theme by using the sunflower colors as yellow and dark brown.

You can serve or use orange juice and any yellow drink, print your wedding invites in yellow color ask the guest to come in the ceremony with a yellow flower holding in hand, embedded in hairstyle or placed in the pocket. That is truly an exciting thing for all the people and especially for kids’ guests.

If you like pastels colors and want to make the part of your wedding decoration along with the dresses of bridesmaids then you can get the idea from this picture. All decoration is made by using the light peach and white color;

dinner tables are covered with double layers of contrast white and peach table spreads and to make the white chairs beautiful, peach color sash is tied on the top of each chair; wedding cake is the most prominent thing in a wedding and this three tiered round shape wedding cake with ruffle design and fresh flowers bouquet is used as a cake topper enough to grab the attention of the crowd.

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