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Wedding day has great importance in everyone’s life and everyone wants to make it memorable. So people choose the best and best of everything. When it comes to the decoration of the venue, the people are worried about it because they have no idea about it. Wedding decoration is very much important for the wedding because people always remember it and when they click on the wedding photographs they discuss about the decoration of the wedding by seeing the pictures. So the decoration should be in latest, nice and great style.
In the wedding you  can decorate the wedding place with the green leaves ,tress and the grass  lit the lights and make a castle style iron made  stand keep in the wedding place and put the chairs and table in this threshold  cover the whole iron  stand with the leaves and the grass with the lights it look so sparkling  on the tables use the royal blue color  fabric for cover the table because with the  brown color blue look so decent.
In the summer and spring season, mostly weddings are arranged outdoor and some people arrange the wedding ceremony in their lawns and parks. They decorate the place with different kinds of things as different LED lights, buntings, ribbons, flowers and many other things. If you are also one of them then you can decorate the venue according to your own choice because the demands of decorators and wedding planners are too much high so decorate the outdoor yourself. If you want to arrange the wedding decoration outdoor place then stay with us and see the pictures.
You can see the picture of Indian wedding ceremony that is arranged outdoor and decoration is made according to a specific theme of ivory. Because Hindus worship the elephants and they call them as their Ganpati Bappa. The statue of small size elephants in ivory shade are placed on the tables and the ceiling of outdoor wedding ceremony is made by satin in red color. Led lights and chandeliers are placed on the satin ceiling for lightening.
If you are arranging the sangeet function outdoor then arrange the benches and the stools in pink color, build a canopy with curtains in red color and decorate the backstage wall with a beautiful printed wall paper in the combination of red, pink and off-white color. Hang a beautiful and big size chandelier in the center of the canopy to make the stage more beautiful. Place the decoration trees on the both sides of the stage, it is a beautiful scene. For the function of mayon or haldi, make the decorations in the combination of yellow, white and light color do you like.
The bar in the wedding party is very important and also decorated for making the party rocking.  The celebration of your wedding is through the bear and the viski when bride wear the ring in the fingers of the groom the full halla gula is in the wedding place.  When you see the bar in the outdoor wedding you will feel that it is a rocking party which is celebrated with full pomp. The beer table is full off glasses and bottles of visky and beer and the back wall of the table is decorated with curtains and artificial flowers looking so nice.
The trend of decorating umbrellas in wedding decorations is on its highest peak and almost all weddings and events you will see the decoration with umbrellas. So you can also make the decorations of your wedding ceremony with umbrellas like this. See the picture and get inspiration from here. Small white umbrellas are set with the canopy; tiny bulbs are also attached with the stick of umbrellas and led lights garlands are also hand down from the canopy to make the view more beautiful.

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