Latest Ideas to Arrange Mehndi Function For 2017


Not only the celebrities but common people are thinking for a theme before the wedding. With a theme in mind you can have better result in a wedding for your arrangements. Selection of particular colors for decoration of the place where is the function going to take place and for costumes give harmony between the decoration and dressing of the guests and overall the function looks very classy.

The arrangements should be as such there would create no mess for anything and all things that are required must be there without the creation of any dramatic situation. Mehandi function usually takes place in Pakistani weddings in which the bride and groom have to sit before the guests and different kinds of merry making happened there.

First of all the most important thing is the decoration of the place as it will be the first impression on guests about your preparations for marriage. Using colorful lights and flowers you can make the place awe-inspiring and breath-taking. Here are some ideas for you to décor the place in accordance with a theme;

Decoration of the stage;


You can make stage putting cradle in center while set chairs of guests all around the cradle so that the guests could easily see the bride and groom and can enjoy the ceremony sitting on their seats. The Whole atmosphere is made attractive with large size fabrics and on those fabrics must draw hooks to hang umbrellas as this setting is going very trendy these days. Behind the setting of the stage large size stands décor with sunflowers. Orange and yellow color contrast gives the effect of mehandi function for its all about mehandi, haldi and Ubtan function.

Mehndi function in large open lawn;


If you are going to arrange mehandi function on large place as large lawn of your home then you can do this with more sophisticated manner. Arrange round table on lawn and set chairs all around for guests. Tents of teen can be used to cover tables and chairs and you can adorn them with layers of sunflowers. In lawn umbrellas hanging on trees will work to make the place trendy and attractive. In this kind of setting you can place the cradle of bride and groom at on side that is also embellished with sunflowers.

Decoration of Mehndi place with candy pink color;


Here we have a totally different style of the arrangement of the place of Mehndi function. Large size tussles in pink color hanging on ceilings are looking spectacular to make the place an outstanding one. Instead of tables and chairs this different style of couches for guests is amazing one. A square shape small table in center covered in candy pink color will complement the whole setting of the place. Behind such arrangement greenery scene of lawn will add more glamour to the overall look of the place.

Mehndi theme in royal and regal manner;


You need to be very simple yet stylish in your arrangements when you want to have a place for Mehndi in royal look. As it is shown in picture not too many flowers are used to décor the place but white large curtains and sports lights are making the place decent and sophisticated. Metallic table and couches in clip style are nice selection to make the place look regal. Small bouquets on curtains and ceilings are making the surrounding full of pleasant scent and fragrance. This would be privilege for guests to attend Mehndi function in such atmosphere and this theme will make bride and groom feel special and happy.

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