Indian Wedding ideas and Decorations


Indian Weddings are filled with rituals and celebrations that continue for several days. Most of the Indian Weddings are arranged and in traditional Indian wedding is about two families being brought together socially with as much emphasis placed on the families coming closer as the married couple.  Many Indian wedding customs are common among Hindu, Jains, Sikhs and Muslims.

They combine religious, local and family traditions. The period of Hindu wedding ceremonies dates from the application of tilak. Traditional Indian wedding ceremonies are generally structured into pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding day ceremonies including barat, varmala, satphere and in the end vidaai.

Indian Weddings are grand, beautiful and royal looking most of the times and what is the best the over top decorations, blingy outfits, dance, loud music and delicious dishes and sweets.

The day before the arrival of the wedding procession, lavish preparations are done by the bride’s family to receive the groom and his family in beautiful and decorated venues, typically farmhouses or wedding halls where sacrificial fireplace is built called marhwa and the specific place where the fireplace is built is called mundap.

To complete the wedding both the bride and groom walk in a circle that is called phera around the sacrificial fire and in this way they perform sat phere in mundap. mundap is most important place so its decoration must be outstanding. People decorate the mundap in various ways, some want to look the colorful and simple flower mandap decorations; others want to decorate it in a unique manner with beautiful curtains and led lights.

Bride wears the traditional wedding dress lehenga, choli or saree and decorates herself with gold and diamond jewelry. Mehndi is applied on her hands, arms and feet a day before the wedding. The groom wears sherwani with pajama.

Throughout the wedding ceremony in the mundap and around the fire the bride sits on the right side of the groom, that is the place for strangers and acquaintances. Only after the satphere or completion the wedding, when both the bride and groom have exchanged marital vows, a bride (wife) can sit on the left side of the groom/man.

In outdoor weddings, most of the people decorate the aisle with flowers and this thing leave a good impact on the guests. The ceiling of the aisle can also be decorated with hanging flowers and the walls are fully covered with flowers looking so good and simple and for more elegance you can add tiny led lights. In some weddings, people decorate the aisle of the mundap too in beautiful manners as you can see in the picture the aisle is looking a ramp and decorated with rose flowers in stylish design.

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