Ideas For Decoration Of Tent For Wedding Reception

best ever reception tenting with decoration

In wedding reception function how you decorated the place, this thing really counts a lot. Decorating the whole place in amazing way you can make people drop their jaws as they enter the place. To make your wedding reception day memorable not only for you but also for the guests you need to décor the place in most royal way and here we will give multiple ideas

that you can do to make your wedding day special not only for you but also for your guests. Seeing at the gorgeous place decorated excellently your guests will feel it a privilege to sit and spend time here. Get thousand praises decorating your wedding reception place opting any of the ideas given below:

Tent for rustic style wedding:

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For rustic style wedding you have to arrange the event in open area. The tent can be like this of a big canopy enlightened with bulbs that are arranged with sequences on wire. A chandelier with beautiful flowers and with candles will look fabulous hanging from the canopy. Even on day time this way of decoration will look very nice and sophisticated.

Tent made of glass mirror:

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Glass mirror tent will bring dreamy and romantic look to the place. Lightening all around the corners and one chandelier with burning candles will illumine the place. This arrangement can be done if you are going to arrange your wedding reception event on a ship at seaside. This idea will make your wedding day very much different from what others have done.

Tent made of curtains having one chandelier:

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One large chandelier at center and all curtains arranged amazingly around will make the place wonder-struck and fabulous. If you are going to arrange your wedding event with the theme of candle light decoration then opt for this style of making the ceilings look sophisticated in this way arrangement and with one chandelier at center that is fully brightening the place.

Hanging chandeliers for tent decoration:

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This idea is great and innovative. Hanging chandeliers will make your guests go crazy about the place. Chandeliers hanging from curtains of white color and brightened with candles are looking exquisitely amazing and gorgeous. Torch lights set on the sides of the canopy will also look nice. White color decoration will make place elegant and pleasing for the guests.


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