Grey Wedding Beautiful Theme


Wedding is such a day when everybody is in happy mood  because  it is the wish of everyone  that  enjoy the wedding day with full enthusiast .the ceremony is finished but the memories of this  ceremony always remain in our mind where the bride is the center of attraction in the wedding  the decoration is also  countable the pictures which they make  in the wedding those are the remarkable  memories of the  wedding the  dinner and  lunch menu should be good the  utensils which are used for the wedding should be delicate and decent because  it can express your status  and when the  coming guest use these things they  praise you  if your selection is according to the taste of everyone.

In the parties and western wedding are organized in the theme style like rustic, whimsical, boho, classic and vintage etc are up to the mark. Today the trend of the contrast wedding is increasing peach with the grey color   theme is very good all the dresses, utensils, decoration flowers, shoes and cream all the things are in grey color that will give your wedding a new and great look so if you want t arrange the party in the grey color theme then stay with us and see.

Dresses in grey:

In the grey theme wedding you can carry all shaded of grey color like teal, cadet grey ,gray, blue green, midnight green  all the shades which are in the grey color  look so beautiful and attractive  the bride can carry the gray color dress  with  her bridesmaid  and the flower girl also carry such type of dresses on this wedding  long train, strapless spaghetti strap , cape style ,one shoulder all the dresses are  good for the wedding you can use the  same  hair band  and the shoes  with the   grey jewelry. All the coming guest will also come in the grey dress the groom can also dress up in the grey color shirt and two piece  suit with the matching bow.

Wedding invitations:

Wedding invitation is a big work  because  you have to invite all the  relatives  and friends in the ceremony and when you send  them cards and invitation papers  your  way of sending is very countable if your wedding is on the grey shade theme based then you should print the invitation cards in the grey color if the wedding decoration is in the light color them you can print the cards in light color  and on the cards make the picture of groom and bride with grey paint.

Cutlery in grey:

In the grey wedding you can keep the  grey color cutlery  because your wedding is in the grey  color you can use the grey napkin with the grey plates and the  candles if the spoon and the fog  are not in grey color then you can  wrap the things in the gray   ribbon  and the gray floral glasses  the pots and the all things which are used in the lunch things should be in grey color .


The decoration of the wedding should be  in all the dark and light shaded  because all the grey color should be add in the decorating  flowers, candles, frames, curtains all the cushions and the chairs cover  in the gray color you can use the gray lights and if you are decorating the wedding in the gray color then orange bulb is best for  the illuminated the wedding place.

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