Fabulous Ideas To Décor Asian Wedding Halls

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We do believe that marriages are fixed in heaven but celebrated on earth. In Asian countries people have different traditions and costumes for wedding functions. But whatever the traditions are everyone would desire to have a well décor marriage hall that is décor in sophisticated manner. The arrangements for guests should be classy and beautiful. As the marriage day draw near you would feel confuse what could be the best way to make the hall full of light and decoration.

With brightened chandeliers, beautiful curtains and awesome setting of stage you can give a gorgeous look to the place. Then the setting of table should be in such manners that guests feel respected while sitting on sophisticated chairs and table with beautiful table-cloth and covers. To have the best result you can manage a well-arranged hall where everything stage, chairs, tables, entrance way, wall and ceilings should look amazing and enthralling. Here we are going to give you different ideas for the decoration of hall.

Magnificent setting for Pakistani wedding:

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This breath-taking setting is doable in Pakistan for barat and Walima functions. This setting is looking enthralling with its colors and setting of stage and tables. Stage id décor beautifully with white cloth and white curtains with the addition of maroon color curtains are looking fabulous. Lightening on curtains behind the stage is making the whole stage shine and beautiful couch is making the whole setting impressive one. Two plants with lights are also set on stage making it look full of beautiful lights. Carpets of maroon color are on floor and tables with chairs set in round shape with white covers are giving regal look to the hall.

Décor hall for reception party:

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If you are going to arrange a reception party function must consider this setting of hall. This is looking very inspirational and purple color is making the hall more classy and edgy.  One square and one round table on front of hall with white color table cloth is looking very nice and to do the cake cutting ceremony you can do this arrangement. Give five star hotel look to your hall with placing large size lights on side of the row and small size lamp on table that could enlighten the hall. White covers of chairs are made beautiful with purple color cloth that is tied in amazing way. Purple color table cloth with lights will adorn the table and overall the hall will look commendable.

Setting with chandeliers:

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Chandeliers can give royal look to hall. With golden colors chandeliers will make the hall beautiful and gorgeous. Chandeliers are embellished with candles and are looking magnificent. White covers for chairs with golden clothes to adorn on it are arranged in well-mannered way. Red carpet is also looking outclass and the setting of stage is done artfully. Backstage id embellished with curtains and golden curtains with shimmer on them are making the stage exude shine and light. Green color lightening is bringing more charm to hall.

Magnificent looking stage for Indians:

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Indians will desire to décor the hall in a way that it looks like Indian marriage hall. Here this setting of stage is very nice to do for Indians. A big stage with long passage way that is embellished with golden cloth and sides are décor with statue and sculpture of Gods. This setting of hall is looking breath-taking and enthralling. In this setting you your religion and beliefs are also shown and the setting is making the hall religious. With golden color maroon color curtains with sequins are looking spectacular. Chairs are also adorned with golden fabric and the lightening on ceilings are making the hall look full of light and glory.

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