Different Ideas for Wedding Decoring in Forest


Wedding is such days when not just two people rather two families are going to connect in a relationship because wedding come close the two people and they are connected in the sacred relationship. The bride is the center of attraction for the all coming guests because her dressing and the everything is noted by the people then the decoration of the wedding is also very noticed because the people who enter in the wedding ceremony place they see the decoration of that place because they make picture and now a days the trend of Selfie is very common so they search that things which look beautiful in the pictures.

With the style of the dress , shoes ,jewelry and all the things  the trend of weddings  not also remain same  because some time weddings in the lawn ,  wedding hall ,park and some  are in the church but  if you  want to arrange your wedding ceremony in the forest then it is good for you  and it create a new style in your wedding it is not compulsory the wedding place is full decorated with the things with the short and simple things you can make your wedding place magnificent.

Aisle decorated:


Take the white flowers  in a large quantity  and spread all the white flowers in the center of the aisle  the green trees and the white flowers are in the both sides of the place and make the stage where the groom and bride will sit  at the place of lights you can hang the flowers branches for the cool look woth the dark color flowers you can decorate the whole place .

Illuminated decoration:


In the forest if you are going to do decorate then   first balance the grass  means  cut it in equal styles both sided  on the big trees you can use the lights and the  lamps for the good  theme you can use the candle in the aisle of the  wedding place  use the chairs in white color and according to the theme you can use the  covers and the  bows on the chair.

Church like look in forest:


If you want to decorate your wedding place according the church  it look so awesome   you can decorate the  wedding place roof with the woods and flowers for the great and shadowy look  cover all the place with the tree wood and the  in the side of the chairs  you can keep the  flowers pots and the  lamp  on the  roof  you can use the fully lighted chandelier   that can make your wedding lighted and beautiful.

Spring season wedding:


In the spring season the flowers are used in much quantity because spring season is very fresh and alive for everyone   so use the colorful flowers with lights and make your wedding remarkable in the forest where the long wood tress are present on it you can hang the groom and bride pictures in the rustic frames you can décor the tress with the lights and the petals on the way is giving you most welcoming entrance. At the place of lights you can use the different flowers and the decoration piece are very common in different shoes and style you can use it in the center of the wedding at the place of candles and the lamps. In the center of the aisle you can use the mat and the red carpet for the luxurious wedding decoration.

Candle light decoration:


In the wedding when you are going to decorate the wedding place  then you can decorate it with  the candles ,lamps and the little lights because  all the things are good for illuminating the wedding place  all the dark and  electric lights are off only the  lights of candles and the  lamp is enough for the romantic  night wedding ceremony you can use the  bouquet in the all tables for the  perfect night wedding function.

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