Colorful Lights Ideas For the Beautiful Wedding


Decoration for the wedding is the compulsory and the main thing  because without decoration wedding remain boring and  colorless this is only  decoration which make the  wedding nights splendid  and the remarkable .now a days the age of selfies and the picture capturing everyone wants  to capture the every moment in his camera .for the wedding different people bear the different responsibilities  so the decoration is also a responsibility of a person  but many people have not an idea that in which way we decorate our wedding places because for the wedding  some people decorate their houses lawns , porch and the patio and some like to arrange in the big palaces .we do so much expensive decoration in the wedding  like floral ,chandeliers style and many other  things for decoration. Here I have some decoration ideas for making your wedding place a fantasy land with the LED lights you can make your wedding place illuminated and the lighted.

Purple lights with white:


Purple light is looking so nice in the wedding place decorate the roof of the  that  place with the colorful lights  and lit the lamps in all the corners of the  hall and keep the big vases in the  center of the tables where you will serve the  dinner or lunch  on the chair you can use the purple color cover in velvet for the great  decoration look but white is also looking nice candle stand in the center of the table  is also giving the candle light dinner  with the plants vases.

Purple with pink shaded decoration:


Stage decoration of the wedding hall is compulsory because  here  the groom and bride will sit big chandeliers in the pink and orange shaded with light  touch of magenta color  is in the center of the  wedding place  and keep the round tables in the side of the wedding place  and the long French tables also in the center of the round tables you can use the white covers  on the tables and chairs and the purple mat in the center of the  wedding place.  In the center f the tables keep the purple and the white colors flower for the perfect lighting matching.

Blue with white decoration:


Blue color look so royal  and fantastic  because in this color we can see the all aspect like sky water ,night and the  stars  in the wedding use the blue lights on the ceiling of the wedding hall  different glass made candles on the  ceiling with the candles are looking so  nice when at night you will  burn the candles this wedding will give you a fantasy land like   in the blue lights lit the candles and the green plants at the four corners of the hall  now the trend of sofa set in the wedding is increased than the chairs. Do all the lights off and only yellow lights are illuminated in the wedding hall.

Modern vintage wedding:


In the wedding mostly brides like to  arrange their wedding  party inspired by the vintage era  in vintage age mostly decoration was in the brown and golden color  the ceiling of the hall is in the  brown and golden shaded with the golden lamps  in the center use the mat  and keep the chairs in the side f the hall  leave the center area free and illuminate the candles in the aisle  with the light lamps  floral lamps  in the glass vases on the tables and the corner f the wedding place .

Winter wedding decoration:


In the winter you want to decorate the  wedding hall in the winter inspired style then  keep the tables in the side of the aisle  and the autumn scene with the empty wood of the trees can make your wedding winter inspired  candle stand put near these trees.  And in the center with the light give a fascinate sight  that can cause the wonderful wedding in the winter  you can use the blue color sequins  fabric covers on the tables and chairs . You can use the machine of fake snow falling in this  wedding because it will always make your wedding  everlasting memories.

Luxurious and grand wedding:


The people who want to make their wedding remarkable and they are so much rich want to spend their money on the decoration something like celebrity, politicians and many other rich person decorate their wedding so the dupatta which are mostly use to make the ceiling of the wedding place  with the help of white fabric make a fan style  and in the center use the royal chandeliers  in the wedding black and white combination of the decoration is showing that  the  chairs are like the dress of the bride and the bows which are use on the chairs is  in the  dress of the groom style .

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