Cinderella Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas


Who will not desire to look like Cinderella on wedding day? Every girl would desire to look like a princess of her groom and today they are going to meet fore ever as it happened in the story. The prince at last successfully married to Cinderella and makes her his princess. You can also enjoy the life of Cinderella for one day and that is of your marriage day.

If you really want you can create the whole fairy tale like atmosphere. Cinderella theme will leave a lasting impression on the minds of the guests and also you will feel more special on your marriage. What you need to do is just to follow following suggestions in order to fulfill your dream.

Decoration of marriage hall;


The first thing you can do is the arrangement and decoration of the place where the guests have to sit. Very striking and dazzling atmosphere with soft and light colors would be required to create dreamy atmosphere. In a well arranged hall with tables and chairs that are covered with white and pink color clothes, place a carriage in the center. Make sure that the curtains in the hall are decorated beautifully because curtains will lend a dreamy like atmosphere.

A chariot for bridal;


The entrance of bridal holds a great importance. To make that special you need to arrange a chariot for the arrival of the bridal. Because in the story Cinderella was reached at the palace in her chariot that was given by a fairy. So the entrance of the bride in chariot will create relevance between the story and the real function that you want to be like the story.

Silver box for ring;


Another thing you can do to feel the bride like a Cinderella is her dressing. Make the dresses of the bride inspired by princess dresses. Long floor length gown in large volume with pleated bottom or tulle and tote dresses will give an aesthetic look to the bride. Make the box of the rings special one with silver designing that could be rhinestone. Bring the box before the groom to take away ring and precede the ring ceremony.

Give cake a palace like shape;


Cake can be made in palace like shape. This palace shape will keep you reminding that you are in Cinderella theme wedding. Grey and white color cake with palace formed at the top will make the cake look eye-catching. In the picture a large size cake is shown with different portions and all are designed very beautifully. This is one of the different constituents that will make you feel like Cinderella wedding.

Take photo shoot in Cinderella’s style;


The most important thing in Cinderella story was the shoes of Cinderella that left behind her. And the prince through that shoes find out Cinderella so you can capture different photos in which the bridal is going through stairs leaving her shoes behind. In this picture shown here bridal is looking back her shoes giving the look like Cinderella. Another pose is the bridal is running away forgetting her shoes behind and the groom is taking the shoes. This posture will describe the whole theme of your wedding.

Make a happy end like Cinderella;


At the end both prince and Cinderella finally meet so you can show their meeting in a way of bride and groom going toward palace. Groom taking the hand of Cinderella in his hand is leading her to the palace or toward a happy life. You can decorate the church or your home like a Disney land or lend a place that look like a palace.

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