Best Wedding Night Room Decoration Ideas for Couples


Wedding is all about fun, entertainment, colors, decoration, dresses and traditions. In every culture the traditions are not same but the bond couples make strong is readily the exciting thing. From wedding planning to deciding venue, menu and all other things, couple also needs to spend the night fantastically in an atmosphere where all the things may add romantic factors. First wedding night is always the memorable time in bridal and groom life when they meet, spend time and tells about the whimsical feelings of love. In every culture, the first night decoration is must-have because couple has margin to stay away from rush of guests and make the time remarkable.

In Pakistan, all room decoration is done before the couple arrives at home; mostly cousins and friends of groom take this responsibility. While in western culture, the couple takes services of any company or stylist because they arrange this night to hotel rooms mostly. But it doesn’t mean that couple has no part in this regard, but according to their choice all this is done. You must be updated with new styles of decoration to your wedding room which can create oozing factor in making this time just ravishing.

•    Mostly flower decoration is seen in every room decoration for wedding, it is because the natural and romantic beauty of flowers arouses the sentimental feelings of any couple.
So, look for the flower decoration that is your choice, for this purpose keep in mind you and your bridal favorite flowers. Red roses mostly used for decoration but now according to interior themes of room, flowers are used to décor in harmony. Make sure, all this done before you both enter in the room because fresh flower arrangement delights the mood rightly.


You must go with every decoration that has some romantic and warm effects on the mood of bridal and groom. Candle decoration is one when it is added in the room, the time of bride and groom becomes more of dreamy. You may take the large size candles or the candles in crystal jars. Make the room decoration filled with charm by putting candles on table, floor but with flowers too. Because the combination of flowers and candles in first night wedding room is much more exciting décor.

Draping of curtains:

In Pakistan, the bedding decoration for first night is called ‘Saij’ and mostly the bed is focus of decoration for couple. This can be decorated with flowers but another option of curtains is also considerable. You may make the canopy of curtains too over bed. The draping of curtains in the room adds the elegancy and wonders as well.

Light factor:

For first night room décor, light factor really matters. Try to keep the atmosphere daisy that may make the night thrilling and remarkable. In romantic rooms, whimsical lights are decorated mostly, so you may only go with the light decoration in room but you must add flowers in room to keep it idealistic.


All decoration needs stated above are suggestions for you but additionally the fragrance recommend by stylists is also significant. Although the fragrance of flowers décor creates chic impressions but couple must have the romantic fragrance in the room so that the groovy feelings may enhance excitingly.
Well, there is much more but you must see in the collection where multiple images of wedding night room décor will readily keep you updated with new decoration ideas. Visit the collection and decide with which decoration style you are going.

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