Adorable Purple Color Wedding Theme Inspirational Ideas

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Decoration is the most important thing in any wedding whether it is going to be held in a lawn or marriage hall. There are number of ways to decorate a wedding but a popular choice to help bringing inspiration is picking a wedding theme.

It gives you and your partner to showcase your unique style, a wedding theme can be creatively used in your invites, place cards, menu, wedding cake, table decorations and more.

Purple combines the stability of blue color and energy of red, purple has always been associated with royalty, nobility and prestigious.

It is really a great color for weddings; it relates to the imagination and spirituality and allows us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts. If purple is your favorite, it will reflect in your personality.

If you have selected purple wedding theme and you are unsure about your theme and décor, we are here to help and we have collected some of the unique wedding themes in purple color.

If you have chosen purple to be your wedding color scheme then consider hiring each and everything in purple color including purple chair sashes, purple table clothes, centerpieces, vases, flowers etc.

First thing in your wedding is the invites or invitation cards, so if you have chosen purple color for your wedding theme then start with invites.

Make the outer cover of invites in purple color and tie both card and outer cover with a beautiful silk ribbon in purple color and adorn it with a beautiful brooch. These beautiful invites will inspire your relatives and friends the most.

Decorate the dinner table, see the picture and get the idea. The ceiling above the dinner table is made with purple color in rods, purple and golden color ornaments are hanging down from the ceiling to make the view beautiful.

Tulle drops are also used in purple color, table cover is also made in the combination of golden and purple color looking awesome.

You can also decorate your wine glass with purple color; take your transparent white wine glass, wrap a silk purple ribbon and make a bow tie and place a big stone in the center.

Use your dinner table spread in light purple color and place your decorated wine glass on the table to impress your guests.

Purple color can also used in a bouquet too; make a beautiful bouquet with fresh roses in different purple shades along with ivory shade to make the bouquet mote beautiful. Paint your finger nails wit light purple color nail paint and hold this bouquet with your white dress in your hand on your special day.

If your wedding theme is purple then try to make sweets and desserts in this color but keep this thing in mind that the color should be edible. Decorate your cupcakes with purple color cream; try to make bunties and candies in purple color.

Make purple color lollypops and decorate them in a very good manner in a beautiful dessert stand, put purple color flowers as lavenders in glass jars and impress your audience the most.

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