2017 Mayon Decoration Ideas


Wedding decoration is very difficult for someone because you have to arrange the proper place for the every coming guest  and the decoration should be  very amazing because the photography and the  selfies are very much common among the young generation so  if the wedding theme  is good then the pictures are captured in a good way .

the mehandi and mayon  is the great function for the girls because all the functions are organized in the  wedding hall and the parks lawn etc but on the mehandi they  fully enjoyed  whole night dancing singing competition and the  up tan ceremony in the maiyon  the mayon  ceremony is arranged at the bridal house and the friends of the bride sing the wedding songs  and now the  bridal and groom mayon  is combine the decoration of the mayon is in the colorful way with different things so  stay with us and see the decoration for the mayon  which is the favorite function of the girls .

Bangles stall style:


In the mayon function keep the bangle start at one side of the wedding place and the girls who are come in the wedding like the sisters, cousins and the friends of the  bride  they can carry the  bangles  from that stall it is latest way to divide the bangles among the unmarried girls.  Make the colorful stall use the dark color dupatta in the stall with the chandelier in the center of the stall with the floral garlands and the  ribbon wrapped  you can  use the lights on the stall because mayon ceremony is mostly at night .

Colorful ceiling:


In the wedding use the bright color dupatta to make the ceiling and in the dupatta illuminate the lights that can give you a great look  in the center of the ceiling you can hang the chandeliers  with the different color beads and bangles  with the stone made curtain in the  all sides of the stage under  the ceiling put the cradle which is fully decorated with the flowers and the colorful  ribbons on the cradle it gives a nice look in the mayon .

Stage decoration:


In the garden  or the house lawn  you can decorate the lawns and the mayon place with the flowers lamps and the lights  in the background of the cradle hang the flowers  vines and then  keep the lamps at the all side of the wedding place marigold and the sunflower  are the good flower for the  mayon  because the Upton and the mehandi turmeric powder all things which are used  are in the yellow color at the place of  cradle you can keep the bench for  sitting  and cover the bench with the fancy fabric.

Royal wedding decoration:


Royal wedding decoration is mostly liked by those brides who like to go with the royal wedding  so in the open place you are arranging the  mayon ceremony so  make a stage  for the bride where she will sit and all the girls will apply the mehandi on her body and the Upton on her face  hang the yellow chiffon curtain at the back of the mayon sofa  and the flower bouquet on the  upper of the curtain and  use the yellow fabric on the stage and  scattered the yellow flowers in  all the ground it will give you sweet fragrance.

Doorway and aisle decoration:


Some people who don’t want to spend too  much money on the decoration they organize the function at home first f all they should decorate the doorway of the house  with the colorful flowers  for the Upton yellow and orange color flowers are good decorate the gate with the garland  use the umbrellas, orange and yellow curtains  with balloons and lights.

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