Long Table Decoration Ideas


The place where we goes very first time first we see the walls and the floor of that place because these two things can tell us the house that in which style that  house is made .the table of the  houses should be neat and clean because if the glass of the tables are dirty it will show  your  room very bad . The center table decoration is very much  tough because it  not an easy to  keep the all things on the places whether the  decoration is in the living room ,

dining room or the wedding  places because the decoration can give you good impression  in front of the others there are many  things which are  used for decoration   like the flowers,  candles , chandeliers,  glass decoration and many other things that can make our room and table decoration nice and enchanting. When you sit on the dining  table  for meal then  your dining table should be neat and clean  because it will increase your appetite and you feel more hunger than before. So here I have some decoration ideas to decorate the long table  which are very good you must see it.

Floral decoration:


A very long table look so nice in the function place because when all the people will gather at one place and eat meal on one table it will give us real happiness and we really enjoy the meal  so on the long table keep the caterers  in one color and style  in the center keep the candle stand and the flowers pot for the beauty of the table  in the back of the chairs keep the plants in  lush green color  which are illuminated with lights .

Colorful decoration:


In the wedding everybody wants to do enjoy so the colorful wedding decoration look so nice.  On the upper of the table  you can cover  the lamps and the bulb with the colorful fabric  and in the side keep the illuminated lamp  on the  table glass made globes and the candle stand in the different fancy stands  with the fabric  keep the matching flowers  in the glass vases.

Candle light dinner:


In the wedding ceremony at night you can decorate the tress with the lights and the candles on the long table you can keep the dinner  in the good style  keep the all lights off  because it is candle light  and in the darkness these candle light dinner on the long table  will  give you a great meal . the newlywed couple will really enjoy this meal and in the anniversary  party you can decorate the long table for the   couples.

Spring long table decoration:


In the spring season you can see the  greenery  and the lush green grass everywhere  and the blush red rose are giving you nice look  in the wedding  arrange the  pots in a good way  and keep the flowers vases in the center of the table  spread the flower petals in  the center of the plates  candle stand  in the metal style  can keep  on the table  with  the glass colorful candles and the  metal color  chairs are looking good it is beautiful romantic  scene for the couples and the bride and groom.

Plus style decoration:


Plus is the sign of the Christians  it is their   lucky sign so they can arrange the chairs in this style on the Christmas  wedding  you can decorate the place in the  plus  style  and this plus style can carried by the  Christians in their neck  keep the chair in the sides of the all corner of the plus which is called saleeb  also  and in the center of the wedding hall keep the table and decorate the cake  in the mid of the plus keep the floral vases and the candle in the round shape .

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