How to Décor The Wedding with Stunning and Reasonable Manner

0. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips 0+ Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

In the wedding ceremony the main thing is decoration  and it  is an art because decoration is not  an easy job very few people are familiar to the decoration but a person who is an  expert person in art then he can  really tell  you that which  is meaning of an art  .all the people are busy in  the wedding in their work  and it is the responsibility of every person  to do  any work and a person who is  chosen for the decoration he is  very responsible of all the wedding Hall  setting  if the wedding place is decorated in a  good way then it is his  good luck otherwise people will reject the  all wonderful decoration in search of best  .guest when comer in your wedding then firstly they see the decoration  of the wedding place  the people remember the decoration for  a long time  .some people call the  decoration exert in the wedding but   there are so much high  all people can afford these prices  so they can décor the wedding with the cheap and the  fabulous ideas. Here I have some good tips for you for decoying the wedding ceremony.

Taped Candle:

1. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips 1+ Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

It is good for the wedding that keep  the orange candles in the side of the  wedding  hall tables an f it is good  for you  orange color tape candles  put in stand  with fancy and colorful  stands and you can keep the candles   to show  a nice   beauty of decoration  and you can keep these candles according to  the theme of  party  you can keep the candle on the   wine  glass and the  other ribbon accessory  to wrap the candle .

 Chandelier style:

2. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

In the wedding and the birthday parties people use the chandelier and you can hang the chandelier in the front of the   wedding stage make a   round shape ring with the white curtains and the lights with the    beaded   chandeliers at the place of white curtain you can use the colorful curtain at the   place of white for making the wedding hall colorful and enchanting.

Balloons style:

3. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

Balloons are not only for the birthday rather it can be used for every  type of function  so in the wedding with the balloon décor the wedding place and  with the cheap  way   plastic  globe  and the  paper made  party  buff on  the  hall  ceiling  with the exciting  bulbs  and the white color decoration  you can make it more elegant if you use the lights on theses curtains.

Organza stuff décor:

4. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

For the  formal  dresses and the everything which is  used for formal used  can  be made with the formal stuff  decor the whole  wedding place with the   curtains and the lights   make the zig zag  lining of organza fabric with the lights  and you can  arrange a dance party for couples  the scene is created the disco  if you use the bar lights in the  hall at the timer of dance.

Flower ideas:

5. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips 5+ Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

The decent wedding which is very simple and mostly arranged in the  garden  so to make that wedding  something  effective then  use the fabric flower   on the corner of the   benches of wedding you can use the  knots on the benches    these flower can be matched with the dresses of  bride and the groom   at one side use the knot   and the other side use the flower  idea  it is  nice and cheap  idea.

Paper pompom:

6. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

In the western weddings the use of pompom  is compulsory because they like the light   decoration  if your wedding is on the beach side  then you should must use the pompom  on the beach side   front of the sea make a   threshold  where the groom and bride will be stand  then  decorate  it with the pompom  with the  rug and the table  boho  can also  arrange such  decoration.

Paper bunting:

7. Cheap but amazing wedding decor tips

On the wedding the cheap thing can do in this way use the  colorful  bunting and the paper strip  can also used  in the wedding  for decorating the  wedding place  colored ribbons with the   paper  made   balloons and the   buntings can increase the  beauty of your wedding place  in the   vintage style the floor was made  of wood and the  paper  bunting were used to décor the  wedding halls.

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