Décor Your Wall With These Innovative & Budget Friendly Ideas

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If you are thinking about redecorating your home, focus decorating the walls of your home because a big and windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for decoration. It may be the entryway wall, bedroom wall, living room wall, drawing room wall, kids’ room wall etc.

there are literally numerous ways to décor the different walls of your home or apartment. Stay tuned with us, read this post for inspiration and décor your bare walls with these clever, easy and budget friendly ideas.

First of all you need to paint your desired wall with beautiful color paint according to your own choice and light colors are the best options for walls because light colors make the space wide and lighted.

If you don’t want to spend money to décor your wall then here is a clever idea for you, you can use your old and outdated newspapers for this purpose. To décor your wall with pompom you will need hard sheet, old newspapers, stapler or glue gun.

Cut the hard sheet in circular shape and then cut newspapers in pieces and roll each paper in cone shape. Attach each cone with the circular sheet with the help of the stapler or you can paste these cones with the help of glue.

To make these pompoms more beautiful you can place a tiny bulb in the centre of pompom or you can also use a beautiful brooch. After making different sizes pompoms place them on the wall at different gaps and not only your wall will look fantastic but you will also get huge appreciations from the family or visitors.

Look at this picture and you will surely be amazed to see the clever use of waste material. All of us have useless tin cans in our home; here is an impressive idea to use them. Wash them well and then décor each tin with a different patterned paper or you can décor them with your wasted clothes.

Cut the stripes according the size of your tin can, apply strong powered glue ion the surface and then wrap each stripe onto the outer walls of the each can, let it dry for several hours.

After the drying process, make two tiny holes on the upper wall of each can with a puncher, take a string and cross it through the holes, tie the both ends making a bow tie and then hang down them with nails or placing an iron rod onto the wall.

The most important and final step is here, place the tiny candles in each tin can, enlighten your room with these homemade candle stands and inspire others with your creativity of mind.

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