Your Home Garden Decor Ideas for Spring



Spring flower pots

Its time buy new flower plants for your garden. Buy some of the following flower plants.
– Pansy
­- yellow trillium
­- Hellebore
– Blood root
– Snowdrop anemone
– Red bud
­- lilac
– Acoma Iris
– Grape Hyacinth
– harmony iris
– Daffodils
– Roses
– Jasmine
– Puschkinia
now paint the pots and buy any new if required.


A plant Chest

Place a plant chest in your garden it looks extremely excellent. You can plant your most favorite plant in the chest and show it off to everyone in a unique way.


Use garlands for decoration

Use and green garlands for decorating your gardens, you can make your own garlands, or you can buy artificial ones for market.


Give Second Life to Gardening Tools

Gardening tools once used are not waste you can use them in several ways. You can let the vines grow along them, or paint them and use them as decoration in the garden.


Give your Garden archway a new look

I personally find archways really attractive if they are well kept of course, repaint your archway for winter, put some colorful floral garlands and charismas lights on it and see the magic.


Design the Pathway

Pathways are very important as it defines the path, so it should look nice; if your current pathway is ruined already, make a new one. Different materials are being used for pathways, i.e., wood, stones, marbles, bricks etc, choose one and fix your gardens path way.


Change old garden chairs

If your garden chairs are now worn out its time to change the garden furniture, spring is the time when the whole family sit together, the seating arrangement should be more comfortable and according to the space in the garden, it you have small garden don’t buy a big set of chairs and table etc.


Decorate Fenc

The fences around the garden should look good, right? You can decorate fence with flowers, garlands, with paint.


Hanging decorations

use hanging decorations for your home garden, you can make a lot of things by yourself just by using old stuff in the house like you can use old baskets, light Bulbs, jars etc


Use old drums

Use the giant size drum that is of no use for planting new plants and paint it.


Garden Wind chimes

For creating sweet music hang some wind chimes in your garden.

image042Garden Escape

Decorate the garden escape in a new way. If you don’t have the garden escape build one today.


Mirror on a wall

Place a mirror on a wall of your garden, it shows reflection of flowers making the beauty of your garden double. It’s trendy and lavishing.

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