Decoration Best Ideas for Barbie Theme Birthday Party


When throwing any birthday party, everyone now likes to have a theme to stand out that party. For girls, no doubt the inspiration of Barbies is much more that is why they like to have Barbie birthday party theme with great charm. But when it comes to set up a birthday party, the décor matters a lot to attain a fully Barbie inspired atmosphere.

No matter that it’s the birthday party of your little cutie or the teen girl, you need to have guide about latest décor ideas. To guide you about birthday party décor, we have compiled some ideas that can entertain you to have it keeping in your budget.

First, crave for the color theme; because most of the girls like pink so we have an inspiration about all pinks. In no time pink color gives the pretty lure impressions to everyone and has the perfect motivation about Barbie party theme. The second thing is about your budget when you think about the decorations of birthday party. We have all themes that are budget-free but you must write about all the details when throwing that birthday party. It will let you know about expected expenses over party.

Garlands, pom-pom, stickers, table décor, carnivals, Barbie centerpieces and many more can reflect your awesome choice for your girl Barbie birthday party. Keep in mind that you can decorate each and everything in party from cake to the dressing style and the all décor. Well we have to move ahead to assemble some ideas of a birthday party that are just exquisite.

Pink delight of pom-pom and balloons for party:


First of all, I must say that any party is incomplete without having beauty of balloons which does not only attract the kids but the elders too. Style your party having the craziness of balloons and pom-pom giving it the delight of cuteness. Barbie birthday theme color is pink but you can add the purple balloons too. Keep the Barbie birthday cake topper over table and set that table with shadow of balloons and pom-pom.

Barbie birthday party decoration items:


A birthday party is bashful when you go with the chic decoration items to have beauty in party atmosphere. You can have canopy that further add the details of roof best expressions, take pink curtains and make canopy, if the party is on big scale then adding the chandelier in canopy is also cool. On the other hand Barbie stickers garlands in party also make Barbie birthday party wondrous.

Table centerpieces for Barbie birthday party:


For all the tables set for birthday party, you need a cool style centerpiece but according to the theme. Because you are going to organize Barbie theme party then taking the Barbie head embellished centerpiece for every table is right, you can see in the picture. One can also provide charm by putting Barbie purses and nail polishes on table to have great fun especially for girls in the party.

Polka dot details are pretty in party:


Polka dot pattern is fun that can create in any party and for Barbie theme birthday party; girls can keep this pattern interesting having in party. The polka dot table décor fabric is really chic choice especially in black and white and the pink with white combinations. You can also have polka dot wall paper behind the table back wall but don’t forget to hang the happy birthday garlands on wall.

Play side area décor:


Play side area is must-have to rejoice the time of girls in party, for a Barbie birthday party the games will be the Barbie life like. Silver paper fringes type garlands and the multi color paper round décor is looking great in the image for play side area decoration. Put the Barbies of everyone choice and also their dresses, ask to all little girls to get them ready in certain period of time. We are sure this would be great fun activity for girls.

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