Vintage Style Decoration Ideas for The Living Room


Living room is such a place where you spend your mostly time together  and in the bedroom everyone is alone but in the living room when all are sit and watching TV  then  it should be neat and clean   because if the room is neat then you will easy and comfort it should  be not too much large and not too much small  but enough space  should be in the room that  the family members and the some guest can easily sit .

vintage style is such as on style which was  common in the royal eras when king and queen were present  now this style is again come because every old style is again come but after some changing  also the vintage modern style living room  decoration ideas are here which can make your living room enchanted .if your room is not so good with the cleanliness and the accessories make your room beautiful the setting of  the room in the vintage style which is very common  among the trendy and modern people stay with us and see the different modern vintage room decoration  ideas.

Brown with skin:


Skin color white wash is good for the living room because now a days the house are too much closed means not courtyard, lobby  and the other verandas are  in the house so you should do such color paint in the living room. Brown wood floor with the brown furniture  and the curtain with the brown mat is nice choice  in your living room the color of your  room accessory is in the brown color  the brown framed scenery and the  pictures  are nice for  increasing the show of your living room.

Vintage modern style:


The people who want to decorate the room in the modern vintage style then grey color is best  grey sofas with the floral and colorful mats and the  cushions covers are good   ivory color wood furniture with glass made table and the grey color sofas  with the  floral mat are looking nice  the windows are in the white  painted  you can use the white chiffon made  curtains  for the graceful look .

Floral with lining sofas:


In the vintage era the trend of LCD TV was very inn now  in this  modern era this style is also very common people are decorating their homes with the LCD than the TV  now it is also used  too much stands and racks for  decorating the  room because sometime we  have not too much rooms for  making the drawing room and the living from so keep your living room so much chic and  tidy that look drawing room guest can also sit there .

Royal style in vintage :


In the vintage era the people who want to decorate their room in the chic style  means want to make it luxurious and the royal they  use the chandeliers  lamps and the lighting  lamps because they are king and queen and their life was very  deluxe  vintage antique sofa set in the Victorian style black color  with golden cushions  fur center table mat and the wooden  center table glass is used on the upper and lower both sided . Sofa set is also selected in the black color because the marble on the floor is also in black color  with the black golden and cream color combination is used for make the room decent and royal.

Colorful room decoration:


Colorful decoration look so nice in the drawing room if we arrange all the things in an apple pie order because the scattered things don’t give a great look the living room is at the side of the all rooms because the guest remain At one side on the sofa colorful cushions are looking very nice  the picture of king and queen in the wall is showing the king and queen  era  with oval style table  and the flower  vases  in the side  of the sofas.

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