Ideas To Décor The Living Room For Birthday Party

Birthday party decoration in living room (11)

The arrangements to décor home for a party function has its own charm and pleasure. If your birthday party function is coming and you are thinking to arrange it in home then select your living room for the party and with different kind of decoration décor the room.

You can do it on your own with the help f some close friends. With the help of balloons, ribbons and lights you can change the whole look of the living room. For a kid birthday function or it is the birthday of elder one the birthday function is a very special day and can be made more special with celebrating it with enthusiasm and excitement.

Your excitement will be shown through your arrangement and decoration.  Different ways to décor the living room are given here for you:

Simple but adorable way of decorating the living room:

1. Birthday party decoration in living room (1)

You can join three to four balloons together and can bind them to the ceiling fan and then binding bunties take the other sides and fit them to the corners of the living room. This style will help to décor the ceiling and balloon and bunties will make the atmosphere to look like birthday function decoration.

You can also décor the fire place putting different kinds of beautiful and funny things on that. Balloons can also be used to décor the fire place. At one side of the room a table décor with cards will also give nice and beautiful look or you can put small size balloons on the table.

If the room is not very big then do not overwhelmed the space with decoration but this simple way of decoration would be enough for medium size of room.

Balloons and bunties hanging from the top:

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Set a table in the center and put beautiful images on it or you can put different kinds of flowers on the table. For the ceiling above it hang balloons and bunties of large size. This decoration will make the whole room lovely and amazing. If not only the center of the room then décor the whole room in this way and this setting of the room will fill the heart with pleasure whoever will look at it.

If the birthday of our brother or sister is coming and you want to give him or her a surprise birthday party then opt for this arrangement and the very first look of the room with make the birthday person feel special.

Arrangement of living room with flower lamps:

3. Birthday party decoration in living room (9)

Décor the room with flower lamps and long layers of circled sequins if it is the birthday party function of an elder person. Arrange a table with white color table-cloth and make it attractive putting biscuits, cupcakes, juices, drinks, sweets and candies on it.

Arrange a beautiful and delicious can in the center and this setting will add charm to the overall look of the room. Selecting light colors of the flower lamps and the whole setting of room you can give very sophisticated look to the room.

Party arrangement on small scale:

4. Birthday party decoration in living room (4)

If it is the birthday of your child and you want to arrange party function on small scale then arrange a table in center with chairs all around. Bind balloons o the chairs and on table put little utensils that can make children happy. On one side arrange the table with candies, biscuits and cupcakes. Children can celebrate the party function in sophisticated manners and this way of decoration will also make them happy and full of joy.


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