Wedding Decoration Ideas

2. Wedding decoration ideas

How to décor the wedding hall and place

0. Wedding decoration ideas

Wedding is such a day when everybody is good mood and want to share his pleasures and happiness with the others on the day of wedding all the not only groom and bride rather all are active and fresh .people forget all the things but only decoration remains alive in the mind of the guests because in the wedding main thing is decoration if one person takes responsibility of decoration then he is a perfect man and there are many ways to décor the wedding hall and places. On the day of wedding everything should be sparkling  and shimmering all the things   keep in a sequins on the table  all the things are  arranged according to the trend  because people decorate their wedding according to French, Turkish, vintage, Spanish and  the   many other countries which have their specific decoration in the western cake is most  essential thing because without cake  the wedding  is incomplete so with your ideas you can make your  wedding decoration attractive and charming.
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1.    If   you want to decorate the  garden for the wedding ceremony then arrange all the chairs in a sequins  for the decorating  touch you can use the white floral    rugs with red flower on the tables and chairs  keep all the plates and  spoons in a right way  use the  spare plastic pots  on the table with the  small lights when you keep  these light in the pots then it will give a  great look. In the garden hang the lights on the   trees and the little plants it will give a lightening effect.
2.    Some decent people don’t like much decoration they want to go with simple and elegant decoration so décor the stage where the ceremony is held use the red flowers and white curtains because it looks so nice on the lush green grass   and arrange the chairs in a sequins chair should be white but you can use the colorful ribbons and the   bows on the chairs and on the floor aisle is full of flower which   give a great impact and for the day time wedding party it is good.
3.    Many people are inspired from the beach and sea side wedding ceremony because   it look s good in the winter when mild sunlight fall on the bride and groom this sight look so charming and in the summer arrange the wedding in the night on beach side when you keep the light lamps near the beach then sparkling water give a fabulous charm keep all the benches in a line, on the ground use  your favorite color mat   in the doorway and décor the   place where groom and bride will be stand  this threshold décor with colorful flowers  petals.
4.    In the  lawn  rustic things  can be used  for the wedding decoration  décor the threshold  with the colorful fabrics beads and flowers  keep two wood  with the beautiful vases  colorful flowers attract the people and you can  use the flowers same with the bride  dress. Now a day’s flowers are inn in the wedding colorful curtain, flowers, beads and the lights can make the wedding decoration enchanting if you want to give royal touch then full sizes chandeliers are good choice.
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in the pictures you can see the decoration for the wedding ceremony different balloons candles, vases disco lights and the colorful rugs can make your wedding memorable for every coming guest so see the pictures and enjoy the wedding with full joy.

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