Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

4. vintage bedroom decor ideas

How to décor my bedroom according to the vintage style

0. vintage bedroom decor ideas

In the house the very  important place for everyone is their house because in the house he can save from all the  problems and he have no fear of any type  because in the house he can spend his life according to his mood   and the decoration of  the places of his house can  be done by the choice of the family members but now  in this modern age the bedrooms are separate of all the family members   they  decorate their room according to their wish .There are many styles which are  common among the people like ,French,Turkish,retro,classicand the vintage  styles are popular .vintage is an old style  and the style  which was  famous  from the 1920 to 20 years before the present   day  is considered vintage  there are many things in which the vintage  style is used  as just like  bedroom , kitchen,hairstylesd ,dresses, utensils ,jewelry etc are  according to the vintage style Here I have some bedroom ideas which are made according to  your wish and best for your rooms. In the rooms keep all the things in vintage style then this room would be like a perfect vintage room otherwise all things look like sixes and seven.
0+ vintage bedroom decor ideas

Garden inspired:

1. vintage bedroom decor ideas

Garden inspired  bedroom in the vintage style  white and the baby pink  color is very nice choice that  birds  and the flowers with  the plant  are printed on the bed sheet  with the pink cushions you  can hang the same cushion color  curtain and keep the  fresh pink color vintage style flower in the room with this  bedroom style make the wooden floor  because with the pink brown color is decent.

White contrasted bedroom:

2. vintage bedroom decor ideas

White color with the  contrast is very fabulous  baby pink and white color floral  bedroom  is good for the teen age girls  in this room do the light pink  color  whitewash and  if you want to  do your room in white  then décor it with colorful  wallpapers and the floral  pictures  you can use the chandelier to  make  your room stylish  and beautiful  you can use the golden color mat  with white  bed sheet.

Colorful scheme in bedroom:

3. vintage bedroom decor ideas

With the different  wooden things you can use the   iron bed if your room is short because in the previous ages the  single iron bed was used  to  make a good bedroom   use the printed rugs and if in your room any window is made hang the silk printed curtain with the organza  curtain it look so  elegant  orange lamps are good for the light  because in the  vintage  style these color lamps were trendy.

Nude vintage bedroom:

4. vintage bedroom decor ideas

Nude color was mostly liked by the vintage princess  give a nude look to your bedroom  means do the paint on the  walls  with skin  and nude pink color  and use the net stuff curtain to give more elegancy  and make the rack in the side of your bedroom with rustic wood and keep your all books in it frame your pictures in the rustic frame and keep it on the shelves  and on the top of your bed add a bulb because  the  19s people read in that light.

Retro vintage:

5. vintage bedroom decor ideas

Retro vintage  furniture is very nice and look very elegant it is in almond color  and this furniture remain ever green  paint your all room walls with simple  paint and the  bedroom wall d the printed wall and  use the colorful scheme on the bed  use the center shrugs with this furniture  golden tiles look cool but wooden floor is also very attractive  you can use the flower  plants in  your taros and it can be keep in the window when it grow  your room look like full of greenery  and  beautiful colors.

Dark chocolate color bedroom:

6. vintage bedroom decor ideas

Old Type writer, Polaroids record player etc the container and the glass bottles are common in the decoration of   vintage style  and the side tables are very compulsory because they  have to keep their  books glasses ,medicine ,water  glass etc  on the side table  the vintage style bed  are too   rustic and give us  the feeling of old and bore so with your dark color bed give the touch of light color mostly we have seen that the vintage beds are white but little  molding you  can make it colorful    and keep the  colorful lamp and floral sofas .

White colored bed:

7. vintage bedroom decor ideas

White color bed was common in the vintage  era but bed were  only made of  wooden  white color four pillar bed with the bricks style wall and  wooden style ceiling is very nice it is matched with your bed   in  your bedroom night stand  is compulsory because it is basic  and in the vintage  era people thinks that  with the night stand the bedroom look  broad   but now a days the rustic color  chairs with the unique style tables can be used in the bedroom for the complete vintage look.

Personal suggestion:

Bedrooms  whether at any  type but you should be  keep it save from the termite  because it can  spoil your bed beauty and if your bedroom is wide then must keep the stand night because it is basic style of  vintage  era   don’t go with too much  larger bed because in the vintage era not used too  much wide and long  bed   were used.


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