Velvet bed sheet designs in dark color ideas

6. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

House is the blessing for a person because in the house you remain tension free and you can do what you want according to your wish. You can sit, read, sleep, eat and what a thing you want no one can forbid you because you have a full right t keep your home as your wish but when a house is dirty then it look so bad and you feel uncomfortable .

In the house the most personal place is bedroom where you can keep your all things save and according to your wish. the decoration of bedroom is compulsory because without the decoration your house look incomplete .the winter season is going on and the people want to keep themselves cozy and hot at night so velvet stuff is very inn in the dresses, bed sheets and the shoes for the cozy and smooth touch you can bedding the velvet stuff bed sheets in your room it show your room wide and sparkling .

dark colors are good for bedrooms because in winter on the light color we feel  cold and look cool to eyes so the dark color velvet  bed sheets  are here  you can choice anyone for you.

Burgundy color bedding:

1. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

The room is not so big that you put a heavy bed in that room so in that room put the small bed with the burgundy color velvet bed sheet the wall is in the golden color matched with the furniture  so you can hang the curtain also in the velvet stuff the room is looking  so cozy on the pillow when you feel the smoothness and the warmness of velvet you feel comfort yourself  at the place  of burgundy you can use the magenta and the dark chocolate brown shaded due to the kids.

Bedroom for guest:

2. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

When the guest  come at your house then they stay in your bedroom so the bedroom should be neat and clean because the  other person observe your  home discipline  so first clean the bedroom and then change the bed cover velvet bed sheet look so elegant  black and maroon color bed sheet is very beautiful you can cover your bed with this bed sheet  and the  quilt is  fully designed with the black  color  on the window silk curtain same  style look good.

Bedroom for boys:

3. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

Boys like the black color most or a navy blue because both are dark colors black color lining printing bedding with the sky blue color silk is used .the wall is made of wood style then  black with sky blue look so nice  velvet is paired with the silk  is good in the winter it gives you cozy effect in the winter  you can keep the wooden made side tables with your bed and make your room comfortable.

Bedding for bride:

4. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

Brides are very well groomed and they want to see their room will also furnished the bride room is decorated in the vintage style if you want that your room will see too large and big then paint the white color on your walls  and the glittered golden color on the side walls  dark brown with black and golden shimmered color  is used on the bed if your room is made up of the tiles then you have no need to cover the floor with mat and carpet.

Spring season bedding:

5. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

Spring season is so romantic and liked by many people because all the things become revive  for the fully rustic forest like look you can cover the bed  with skin bedcover the bedding is with the dark mustard shaded  fully printed with the sea side  scene  Water fall ,birds ,grass, trees and the ky is printed on the covers the curtains are also in this style. Red color is very beautiful and alluring color and when you cover your bed in the floral way then it  gives you the full feelings of spring  velvet stuff with the pure cotton is giving your  bedding a peaceful  and comfortable look

Bedding for girls:

6. Dark shades Velvet bedding designs

Girls mostly like the dark colors in their bedroom which give the blush look purple, red, shoking pink royal blue and many other color so the purple color bedding in the velvet stuff is decent and giving you a perfect girls room look because all the things are placed on its places and the wall designing is in the light purple color on the side of the wall mauve color is used the frill is used on the velvet and the white color decoration is good for the decorating.




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