Making Earrings With Recycled Bottle Caps a Unique Idea


Making earrings with caps of recycled bottles is a unique idea. You can easily impress others by wearing your diy earrings with bottle caps. Colorful earrings are easy to make with colorful caps and they help you in easy match to your dress. You can decorate your cap earrings with pearls, beads, gold wire ring chain and even you can paint them. For making these cap earrings you need some things like pairs of matching caps, hammer, beads tool, a small jump ring, a nail to punch a hole into the bottle cap, delicate chain etc.

To make the pair of earring, first of all flat the caps if you want. Place each bottle cap, ridge side down on the wooden board or on the floor and flat it with the rubber mallet and iron hammer. Second, punch a hole into each cap for hook because all earrings are made with small hooks lifted with bottle cap for wear the earring in the ear.

Black color bottle cap earrings look interesting and mysterious as you can see in the picture. Take two bottle caps flat them with hammer and then and paint them with black color. After drying the paint, apply the epoxy stickers to the art work on the pair designed with black crown and bee.

Make the pair of dough sparrows in black color and hang them on the bottom of the each earring. Your black sparrow mysterious earrings are ready to wear. You can use them with your black costume at Halloween party. Recycled bottle cap earrings are used it is in red color and decorate them with draping down delicate metal chain.

Blue cap gives great idea to make earrings with contrast beads. Red log hook pass in each cap top hole and then tightly wrapped. Use beads in light blue, red and teardrop same color of the caps. You can match your blue color cap earrings with your summer or winter dress. These fabulous vintage like soda bottle caps are embellished with Swarovski crystals and polished bead.

You can make bottle cap earrings as it and without any change for example you have a pair of cap of a soda bottle like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, sprite etc, make holes on the top and bottom of the caps one for lift the earrings and other for decoration and then use some old earrings to attach with the caps. If you are using the Pepsi caps then use teardrop in blue color and crystals inn red color match to the caps.

You can use the inner side of the caps too to make earrings and tops. Paint the inner part of the caps with many kinds of pictures like flowers, animals, landscapes and you can paste these pictures too with a gum and you can decorate the caps with your own photographs and after painting or pasting the pictures, decorate caps with beads, pearls and anything you want.

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