Ideas to Décor your Bed for Wedding Night

5. bed decoration for wedding night

0. bed decoration for wedding night

Wedding  is a day  when two people are connected  to each other because a person can’t spend his life without  a partner  and   partner is  the compulsory for our life  in the day time  when  a girl or a boy connected in a sacred relationship but the  secrets of two partners are not known by the both boy and  girl because some people do  love marriage and some  like to go with arrange  so the  people who do arrange marriage they don’t know  about the liking and the disliking  of  each other so the wedding night is  such moments when you easily know about your partner  because in the room you are alone and  you can do your all planning your future life because it depends on you in which  way you spend your future life so different people  decorate their rooms in different ways  for the wedding nights   it is up to  you  in which way you  can decorate your room but  it should be romantic  and attractive and this night should be memorable  for you and your life partner  here I have some  pictures of  wedding nights bed  decoration stay with us and collect different ideas.

Rose   printed decoration:

1. bed decoration for wedding night

Some groom and brides are very decent   and simple they like the decent things  so  they  want to keep their room simple if you want to  keep your   bed room simple then   you can  use the  huge  rose  printed  bed sheets on the  bed and on the floral but on the side table you can  decorate the flower petals and keep a romantic lamp   with the rug and on the floor you can keep flower basket for  a decent look.

Indian wedding bed decoration:

2. bed decoration for wedding night

In Indian culture the decoration of   the room is very compulsory on the bed you can    hang the vines of flowers with the organza and net fabric curtain and use the colorful bed sheet on the bed and you can write your name on the bed with petals  and    on the bed keep the   bouquet with sweet fragrance  you will really enjoy  the whole night. You can use the small lights for the more decoration   you like much decoration.

Candles and petals:

3. bed decoration for wedding night

In the wedding night the mood of the groom and bride should be romantic  so you can  make the romantic atmosphere  you can decorate  the  bed with  rose petals  and the tape candles  on the side table you can  keep the candles and flower on all the tables which are in your bedroom with the petals and on the rug you can keep the  floral basket  and turn the light and enjoy the  in the light of candles and romantic time.

Royal decoration:

4. bed decoration for wedding night

Now  a day’s  round bed  is in the trend so you can keep round bed in your room  decorate all the bed with the flowers  with the flowers you can   spread the party boomer  also it look so glittering and  nice  in the aisle of your room keep the candle at one side and n the center spread the petals of flowers  you can keep this bed at the pool side and the beach side  and when you decorate  it you can see  a memorable moments will with you.

Heart style decoration:

5. bed decoration for wedding night

If your room is near the window then you have no need to d much decoration because when you spread the flowers petal on the bed and make a heart in the center of your bed keep the duck in the sides of bed which is the signs of love and a romantic idea is that when you lying on the bed near the window open the window and the cool light of the moon give you   effect of romanticism.

 Full red bedroom decoration:

6. bed decoration for wedding night

Red color is the symbol of love loyalty and  romance  so if you decorate your bed room on the wedding in the  red color  then you should not use the  candles and flowers  on your iron bed  hang the red color organza curtain  with the printed curtain and  you can keep the fancy pillows on the bed and it is up to you  that you can use the  colorful mat on the floor with white  curtain .

Valentine day wedding idea:

7. bed decoration for wedding night

If your wedding is organized on the valentine’s day then you should de orate your room in such a way  as just like on the  valentine ,s day white with the red combination is graceful you can go with the big floral  rose  flowers  printed bed sheet it is  good for  those  who like the valentine’s day  at the  corner you can keep the  bouquet and the  chocolate box   floral vases also a nice  idea. This is beautiful room enjoy your whole night with your partner.

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