Food presentation Ideas for Guest that they Can Feel Something Special


We won’t love to have that food which I don’t like it by seeing, as always food should looked pretty cool if you are going to through a get together party. Different people have different food presentation techniques, some of the food presenters are master with their skills, and some of them even didn’t know how to serve a glass of water to their guests. So I am here to help you out of this problem by providing some ideas for food presentation to make your guests feel special.



Mostly it depends that where you are going to present your food for your guests. Present your food in a suitable place where they easily get through to have food. You can arrange your food near swimming pool if you are going to serve sea food to your guests. You can arrange bar b q in your garden area as well. This will make them feel a lot special. Now here are some fine tips of presenting food in accurate ways.

Plating dishes:

You need to arrange your food in large platters. Alike if you are going to present food individually, then its not possible at all. For this you have to heir expert chiefs. But you don’t need to do this, just do a thing, platter up your food well, use large and light colors platter to present your food.


Plate volumes make edges clear:

Don’t ever over load your serving plates, because you didn’t know who is going to have food in what quantity. Limit down the quantity of food in your presenting plate, in case if you are going to serve food individually. If you are not going to present food individually then you need to follow both points, don’t over dose your platter and clean up your platter’s edges if you have some strains on edges.


Color contrasts:

Add some color contras to tour serving plates , as you need to add combination of different multiple colors in your dish that you are going to present to your guests. Make your food presentation attractive by adding a lot of colors, the more you colors add to your dish the beautiful it will look, and make your guests feel special.

Avoid decorative plates:

Avoid decorative plates from edges, because it didn’t look well when you got serve it up. You need to use plain dishes to serve your food in pulchritudinous ways.

Hot plates:

It is a perfect and preeminent way to present your food to your guests in winter, because it makes your food stay hot well, it also helps food to stay fresh and refined. So buy a hot plate for your parties that make you to present your food in hot way.


Desert presentation:

Without deserts your guests are going to say that “I have never ever have such rubbish party ever because there was no concept of desert, which I liked the most”. So you need to present some sugary thing, after having finishing your food.


Edible Cups:

Present some kind of different deserts to your guests, a like go on for something unique. Present you desert in edible crunchy and chocolaty cups. You need to bake some biscuits like cup. Cover up these cups from insides with chocolates, and pore some liquidly thing in like custard or chocolate mousse, try to make it in skinny and chocolate color. And add some chocolate chunks in to the cups.



You can also present your deserts in glasses. Layer up your desert in your glass and add different colors combinations to make it more attractive. Don’t just add colors you need to add different flavors as well that make your guests surprisingly tasty.


Add colors:

You need to add colors in your in your deserts. The more you add colors in your desert the more its going to look scrumptious and mouth watering.


Drinks are the main part of your dinner. You need to present your whole meal in different and wonderful ways including drinks for your special guests. Try to present your drink in some unique ideas. Some of the ideas are given below.



Sip glass:

Add some sip glass if you are going to serve some Champaign or bear. You can also add juices in it. Most of the sip glasses are test tube, but now days you can find sip glasses in market easily. Try to add mixed color of drinks in your glasses to make it more attractive.


Add drink tags:

Tag your drinks with the names of your guests; this will make your guests feels special. Add name of chart papers cut them with scissor. Make a whole and have a help of stylish rope to make it attach with the glass.



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