Pure Boho Collection For The Spring Season By The Justina Blakeney’s

decoration ideas for boho home (10)

House is a place where we spend our mostly time because that is such a place where we feel comfortable and do the things according to our wish if the house is very short but the setting and the decoration is in the good way then your short house also can look beautiful although you have big house but the setting is not good then it can be look bad .

The decoration of the house is very important for a house because it impress the guests and you should always live in neat and clean  home it will give you real happiness in the house you can keep the  different chairs, tables ,hammock, sofas, bed style and many other things are common  for the  home decoration .

Boho style is very common among the society  it is something  different and unique from the others  so here I have some beautiful  decoration which can attract the all boho girls  who like the bohemian style  different things are added in the  collection and the Justina Blakeney has designed various decoration for the boho girls.

Hammock style decoration:

1. Justina Blakeney’s Brand New Spring Collection Is Pure Boho Magic

The room is fully made with the wood means the walls, ceiling, and the  floor all are made with the wood  because the boho like the wooden work in their decoration the hammock  is hang in the  side of the room. Keep  the plants in the side of the hammock  on the wicked hammock you can keep  the fur cushion  rope tied flower pots.

And the carpet in dark shaded are best for the wooden floor  and you can use the wooden chairs also in your room  in this room you can see the mostly things are in the  wooden way  with metal chandelier  in golden color in the side of the room.

Side table decoration:

2. Justina Blakeney’s Brand New Spring Collection Is Pure Boho Magic

I the room if you are keeping the decoration rack or any showcase in which you want to keep the things for decorating because the bohemian like to go with the artistic things, creative and the natural things attract them  because they can’t live in the boundaries keep the wooden chairs in the side of your room.

If the window is  made in your room  then wicker chair  on the wooden table keep the vases and the  candles in the vases no need to keep the flowers rather wooden, plastic and metal made vines are good to keep becau8se it is the choice of boho  you can keep the sky blue color vines also in the vases.

Lawn and patio décor:

3. Justina Blakeney’s Brand New Spring Collection Is Pure Boho Magic

Some houses are very big that the lawns and the patio are made along with these houses so the decoration of every place f home is compulsory in the lawn grow the  lush green grass  and the tiny flowers in the side of the lawn and  under the shade hang the wicket hammock  in the egg shape with the  soft cushions.

And  the maroon color mat  in the abstract style is best for your lawn because t is matched t your colorful flowers  on the trees use the crystal net style lamp because in the night that look so beautiful . The side table is also made of wood in the thumb  pin style on it  put the flower vase  in the metal form.

Wreath decoration in mirror style:

4. Justina Blakeley’s Brand New Spring Collection Is Pure Boho Magic

In the rooms   the fashion of the round mirror was very much the round shaped mirror was embellished with the stones metals lines and in the sun style  but the bohemian people decorate their house with the wreath decoration here in the collection of Justina.

The room the wicker made sofa with full of cushions  in the round square and the rectangle style  with fur rug on it and the wooden side table  in front f the sofa and full huge size wreath in golden color  with face made  is giving your room a perfect boho style  in the wreath style another room is  decorated in this way.

Where  you sit  and eat meal means where do you eat your lunch ,dinner ,breakfast  decorate it in this way  natural style curtain in your windows  white distemper with the abstract style rug and the wooden table and iron made chairs  is good for decorate the boho dining table  golden wreath attached with the mirror is decent for your room.

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