Make Your Slumber Zone Beautiful And Dreamy

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Bedroom is the most private place where every person takes rest at night after the whole day tiresome. A bedroom expresses the one’s personality so it must be beautiful, neat, clean and a calm place. Because a neat, clean and beautiful place always makes a pleasant effect on the mood and can be a cause of sound sleep.

Everyone wants to decorate its bedroom according to own choices, colors of walls, furniture, lightings, paintings, bed covers, curtains, lamps, shelves, closets all play an important role to make a bedroom beautiful. Here we will tell you that how can you make your slumber zone or bedroom beautiful.

For small space bedroom, making corner shelves is a great idea, if there is not enough space to place a chest drawer or side tables along sides of your bed then this ideas works very well.

Built a corner shelves unit alongside of your bed, you can use it as a side table or can put different things as books, cosmetics, tissue paper box, pencil case, sunglasses, keys, wallet, newspaper and cup of coffee or tea in it.

Make your bedroom dreamy and hang led light behind the curtain of the back wall of your bed. Place your bedroom in front of the window and in the centre of the bedroom, place long side chest drawers on the both sides of the bed, put lamp on each table and cover your window with a printed curtain and then hang some yellow led lights behind the curtain to create a dreamy effect.

To make your bedroom comfy and beautiful, top your bed with bed made for snuggling, like a down comforter and for total comfort choose for ultra soft eiderdown in light color.

If you want to introduce pop of colors without an all out commitment, inject hits of it with your art and accessories and pile on the pillows and don’t shy away from mixing patterns, combine geometric design pillows with plain yellow and black silk cushions to make the bedroom beautiful

and use printed sitters or benches because prints are not reserved for the bedcovers, they are just as arresting when used for modern style sitting benches.

The walls of this bedroom are painted with grey color but the ceiling is white and each and everything is used in this bedroom in the combination of grey and white as pillows, bed spread, quilt and side lamp also. While decorating your bedroom don’t forget about the floor and pay attention to the floor, geometric design light grey and dark grey rug for this grey bedroom is ideal.

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