Tips To Organize a Small Kitchen

0. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

How to set my small kitchen

0. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

Kitchen is such a place of a house where   so many things are used    in different ways and through kitchen we  find a good health and  it is very important for a lady that keep[ her kitchen clean  because the deficiency of a lady is  identify through  the cleanliness of the  gate way and the   kitchen because  it is difficult for everyone to arrange the kitchen in a good way   because some ladies who have  big kitchens but they have no idea to set it in good way but some   wise ladies set their   small kitchen in a   great way that all  the things are on its place .pots, spoons,    vegetables ,different ingredients and the   spice which are  essential in the kitchen  should be kept in a  symmetrical order so  when you  have need you can  put out at a time  then you don’t need to search the things. Here I have some ideas to maintain your short kitchen in a  proper way  so  come with us and  take a bird eye view  of these ideas may be it can help you in   the setting of your kitchen.
1. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

•    Make a cabinet on the wall and keep all the glass and the cups in this cabinet and when you have to need to use the cups and glass then put out and use.
•     Where you keep the stock where make some drawer for the spoons and the forks to tie with the rubber band   so it will keep them to scatter.
•     In the kitchen make a box for all the electric things where you can keep your juicer   ,egg beater, blender etc   and  in the side of   it keep toaster, sandwich maker  and   the   chopper  etc then your    electric accessory will be save from dust and the water.
•    In the  upper of your stock  keep all the jars of pulse and the  spice and  glass jars are  very beautiful for the   spice it will be available at once place when you  have need .
•    Keep all the sauce pans and    big  frying pan   at a  place if  in your kitchen  not so much cabinet then    you can hang  all the sauce pan on the hooks  which are  very useful   and keep a stand then  put out the stand  so  put out the     pans and use it.
•    All the detergents which are in daily use  make a separate  box  for keep these  bottles
•    For the decoration you can add the flower pots   in the side of sink if there is a window in your kitchen then keep the flower pots in the window and net curtain are good to make the kitchen stylish.
•    The stands are available in the market so keep a  stand for cooking spoons which you should keep it near your stove when you are cooking food you can easily  pick it.
•    In one portion of the cabinet keep all the plastic utensils and in the other corner all the steel and in the third marble and glass utensils.
•    Colored theme are very  nice for the kitchen means matching tiles with the   kitchenware  you can  make a display cabinet in your kitchen where you can  these  utensils which are use seldom.
2. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen
3. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen 4. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen 5. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen 6. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen
7. Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen


these are some ideas I hope you have an idea how to maintain my small kitchen and for the vegetables buy a vegetable stand and keep the onion, garlic and potatoes near the stove because it is use in daily meal  and you can make  different portion  cabinet  and  keep all the matching kitchen ware in it  with the  different  decoration you can use the floral vine and the  fruits scenery and charts.

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