De-Clutter Your kitchen by Following These Clever Storage Tricks

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Kitchen is the most important part of the house so it must be lean and tidy all the time because it is said that if you want to see and test the manners of a woman then you should see her kitchen if the kitchen is neat, clean and well organized then it means that the housewife has good manners and if the kitchen is untidy, it tells that the woman is unhandy.

A housewife spends most of her time of a day in kitchen while cooking, washing dishes and organizing the things at the right place. If the area of kitchen is small then she has to face the big problem of storing things in a very good manner. Here are some clever ideas for you; by following them you can make your kitchen tidy.

It often happens that the kitchen counter is first one to become cluttered with all sorts of unnecessary tools, utensils, ingredients and what not. If you want to have more space to cut the vegetables, prepare your cookie dough and you simply want to your kitchen spacious. People think that the pantry shelves are old-fashioned and no longer practical. You can give your pantry shelves a contemporary makeover and make them look more modern than ever before.

Using the area beneath the sink is a very clever and great idea, jut see the picture and get inspiration. Use roll out trays to store different things like dish washing soaps, bars, dishwashing liquids, and other things in the rolling tray, the rolling tray ride on smooth-action ball-bearing drawer glides will get everything out in the open and let you find exactly what you need at a glance. You can also make a rack instead of drawer beneath this are to keep jars and bottles.

If a deck or shelf is constructed in the centre of the kitchen a sink is also made above the shelf so you can use the side area beneath the sink for your pots and dishes. After washing the utensils, put them on the shelf, let the dry and then use the rolling drawers to keep the utensils safely. If there is not enough space to keep a rack for utensils including forks, spoons and knives then you can put them in drawers above the cabinet, in this way you can find them easily at right time and knives can be hidden from the reach of children.

If the area beneath shelf is empty and useless because of the narrow space, then take the idea from the picture and use this area. Finding the right kitchen corner drawer or rack can be a daunting task. Make a wire corner rack in triangular shape and fit it in the corner and keep all kinds of jars, bottles and boxes in it as you can keep jars of spices, jams, bottles of ketchup and sauces, cereal boxes etc.

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