Indoor Gardening Ideas to Beautify Your Home Sweet Home



Indoor gardening is something which brings refreshing feelings to you even while you stay at home. Moreover, it beautifies your home more than any other decorative accessory and leaves a unique impression on the visitors as well.

Mostly ornamental plants and herbs are grown within the surroundings of the house. Here are some exclusive ideas about indoor gardening which I am sure you are going to like the most.

 Mini indoor gardening shelves


Mini garden shelves containing beautiful planters with colorful plants enhance the beauty of your indoor portions.

 Mini garden in wine glass/Glass garden


Old wine glass can be used to grow plants for your indoor garden. As well as wine bottles and boxes can also be used for this purpose.



Planters are a very good way to grow plants inside your home. Find best looking planter for your indoor garden.

 Old Light bulb planters


Use good quality and easy-to-use old bulbs to grow plants and herbs inside your home.

 Planter before Painted wall


Planters against colorful and painted walls make them look splashy.

 Indoor spring


Tropical Foliage, bright bloom and such other colorful plants help in making your indoor more flashy and hued.

 Hanging herbs


Hanging herbs inside home give an energizing view.

 Terra cotta labeled pots


A charming way to exhibit and label your plants and herbs is to put them in terra cotta planters. Labeled and painted terra cotta planters look more alluring.

 Colorful planters


Adding colors to your indoor garden can make it look more decorated and charming. Colorful planters enhance the artistry of your home.

 Hanging terrariums


Terrariums look delicate and fascinating. Growing plants and herbs in them and hanging them in your home make it look splendid.

 Used bottles as planters


There are so many used bottles at every home. Make an advantageous use of them. Grow plants and herbs in the bottles and hang or place those bottles anywhere in your kitchen, bathroom etc.

 Ladder planters


It’s a highly uncomplicated as well as ravishing idea. You just need a way to tidy up your planters on the ladder and place it any suitable place in your home.

 Herbs in hanging planters


Growing herbs in appealing hanging planters help you making your home look more marvelous. Growing herbs not only make your place look beautiful, besides you can get useful herbs from your own indoor garden.

 Recycled cans as handing labeled planters


Using recycled plastic cans as planters is unique as well as economic. Without spending money on planters you can grow plants and herbs and can place them anywhere in your home. Moreover, labeling them can may them look more particular.

 Orchid in glass cup


Orchids always look exhilarating. You may grow an orchid in a glass cup for your kitchen. It will boost the elegance.

 Window shelf garden


Window shelf garden is always a good idea. We can adjust as many plants as we want in those shelves as they are with more capacity as compared to other planters.

 Plant stand


Plant stands are available in market in different sizes and styles. You can buy any according to your choice and enhance the beauty of your living room, bedroom, drawing room etc.

Fairy Garden


Fairy gardens are the new trend in gardening. They are simply designed but adding more details make them challenging.

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