Decorate Your Gathering Room with Modern and Stylish Fireplace Design

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A fireplace is a structure made of bricks, metal and stones designed to contain the fire to heat up the room in colder season. Modern fireplaces have variable heat efficiency, depending on the sophistication of the design.

Fire is contained in a firebox or firepit, a chimney or other flue allows exhaust to escape. A fireplace may have a hearth, a foundation, mantelpiece and firebox. Early ones were more fire pits than modern fireplaces; they were used to warmth on cold days and nights.

They also served as a gathering place within the home and the fire pits were usually centered within a room allowing more people to gather around it.

The hearth is the focal point of the room and now in this modern era, various stylish designs of fireplace are introduced that make the look of a room beautiful. If you are also looking for a stylish and appropriate fireplace design for your looking room then consider these designer styles and don’t forget to save these ideas.

Some modern fireplaces are actually considered work of art; the focus fireplace is suspended from the ceiling and has curved heat resistant glass windows that completely surrounded the fire for all around warmth.

This spacious living room forces the slender unit to become a dramatic staple within the space. Rather than focus the sofas around a television or the obvious ocean views. The designer chooses to gravitate around the fireplace making the natural flames the main attraction.

Fireplaces provide far more than heat and a cozy place to curl up, they can fulfill architectural roles and become artistic accouterments. This fireplace serves as a room divider and it will definitely grab the attention of the guests or visitors. The gas-fed flames rise out of a bed of stones set on a firescape and surrounded by glass.

In a cold weather environment, the fireplace could be used quite often so make it the centerpiece of the gathering room. Just see the picture and get the awe-inspiring fireplace design idea, the beauty of this fireplace is its freedom, it is easily mounted on the floor, sitting on a base of masonry or black steel and it can be installed in almost any room. The gas flame is visible from two directions and it is mounted with a chimney, it is easy to clean and versatile.

A single unit fireplace comes in a wood-burning version or as a remote controlled gas unit. Both are set in the wall and make linear rectangular statements. The gas version is fit with ceramic pebbles of various sizes or ceramic logs.

It is installed with protective masonry around the firebox and upper and lower air vents.  If you must have a television in your living room, place it so that it does not dominate the room.  Placing the television on the wall above the fireplace works best and if you want to hang the television over the fireplace then add other decorations to draw the attention.

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