Decorate Your Bedroom With Grey Color

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Bedroom is the most private place of every person where one takes rest at night after the whole day tiresome, so it must be neat, clean, a calm place and beautiful that a person will feel happy and pleasant in bedroom.

People like to decorate their bedrooms with different colors according to their choices; the first thing in the decoration of a bedroom is the color of walls, some like to decorate with light colors while others like dark colors. In this post we are talking about grey color, grey color in decoration is inn trend these days.

Grey is an intermediate color between black and white, it is the color of lead, ash and cloud covered sky also. There is numerous shade of grey color; grey can create a warm scheme as easily as a cool one. Grey may be everywhere in design right now but which grey you choose for you depends on the other colors you are using.

As you can see in the picture the walls are painted with light grey color and the ceiling is painted with off-white color, curtains of the glass windows are also in grey and off- white color and the addition of golden color has enhanced the beauty of the entire room used in blanket, lamps and chair also placed near the glass window to enjoy the sunlight and air too.

From grey walls to grey floor, this neutral color makes a room look sophisticated and it makes bedroom sumptuous. The soft poshish headboard of the grey bed and the tactile look of white bed cover, pillows, cushion and quilt also stop the grey color palette looking too samey.

If dar grey is a bit scary for kid’s small bedroom then pick mid grey color for the side wall and keep ceiling and back wall white for a sophisticated backdrop to a bedroom decorating scheme.

Use beds throws and cushions in grey color and decorate the wall with a fish painting or drawing and open shelves positioned behind the bed can function as a headboard and kid can store or put her things and toys in the shelves.

If you want to paint the walls of your bedroom in grey color then keep this in mind that it should not too dark or heavy.

Just like this picture, the wall behind the headboard are painted with dark grey yet the ceiling is left white, the grey paint shades on the walls create a dramatic backdrop to white bed linens and curtains and all the things in this bedroom including window blinds, bed cover, pillows, side tables and sofa are used in white color to enhance the beauty of grey walls and too make the room lighted.

Grey walls maker a brilliant backdrop especially when used with bright white and pale color, for the wall behind the head board use a geometrical pattern wall paper to lead the way in asymmetrical decorating scheme and make the sidewall in just grey color.

Add something different in the decoration of your bedroom as done in this bedroom, grey, white and pale color is also used in bed spreads, blanket, cushions and pillows also, yellow and white side lamps are looking so beautiful and the air conditioner in this bedroom placed on the grey wall is also painted with yellow and grey color looking so nice and unique and this is really a unique idea.


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