Best Bedroom Decorating Tricks and Ideas

ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (11)

Bedroom is the most private place for all where one can do rest freely after the whole day tiresome. A person can lie down as he want and do all the things that he could not in front of other family members.

Along with all these things a person wants to decorate his/her bedroom according to his/her choices as furniture, color of the walls, ceiling etc, led lights, closet and many more things. Here we are giving you some ideas and tricks to help you transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat.

This bedroom decoration idea is perfect for them who are the lover of book reading or who are linked with the profession of teaching. A floor to ceiling book shelves unit is built behind the bed and bedside table is switched up by adding a new piece of art or a globe.

Combination of white and grey is used in bed spreads, cushion and pillows also to make the room lighted. Neutral walls, carpeting and bedding make the perfect backdrop for a bedroom and the focal point in this bedroom are grey and white globe and a huge book shelves unit.

A four-poster white bed is perfectly paired with cool aqua blue walls and ceiling also so if you like this idea then update this classic aqua and white combo with a tangy aqua dramatic pendant light or chandelier over your four-poster bed.

While the chocolate brown, ivory and skin color used in headboard, cushions, bed spread, blanket and carpeting also of this bedroom might seem a bit quiet, the neutral palette helps the beautiful view outside the glass window take centre stage.

Create a spot to sit with a comfy sofa or upholster bench at the foot of the bed. Nothing ruins a happy morning than stepping out of the bed onto cold and hard floor so do a favor yourself and make sure that your first step into the day is comforting and cushy with a beautiful rug. Have a look at this white rug with grey color geometric pattern looking so nice.

A bedroom is about sleeping and taking rest so there should be a good spot to sit down as you can see in this picture, two comfy chairs are placed in the terrace and these will serve you when you are reading or need to have a conversation to your better half while enjoying the sweet weather, cool breeze in summers and sunshine in winters.

Incorporate prints on accents pieces, prints are not reserved for the bed spreads, pillows, quilts and cushions also. They are just as arresting as when set on a modern shaped lampshade, couch etc.
ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (1) ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (1) ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (1) ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (2) ways and ideas how to decor your bedroom (6)


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