Spring Summer Luxurious Bedding Collection by Kylie


The Kylie bedding protection has been helping Australians sleep with confidence and comfort for more than 45 years. The range is durable, washable and manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced technology. It is designed using a soft, quilted surface and durable waterproof material that’s specifically treated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent to prevent odors and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Kylie’s spring summer collection is most desirable than ever and everyone would love to have some Kylie style in their bedroom.

Transform your bedroom to star status with beautiful bed linen and accessories from the “Kylie ‘s Collection”. These stunning designs embrace all the glamour and star quality associated with the showgirl herself.

Designs include in this range are Allegra, Cassia, Evangeline, Felicity, Leopard, Misha, Pearl Pleat and Ria. All are designed with sumptuous satin and delicate lace for magical effect and different things like sequins and crystal detailing are used to embellish the collection. The bed cover is designed in stunning leopard print with sequins panels. Sequins panels are set on soft gold satin to create a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Sumptuous champagne satin is designed into panels of pleated ruffles to create a stunning textured effect. Complete the look with the matching runner, its beautiful quilted satin detail can create a further sense of richness and luxury. Soft velvet and satin cushions encrusted with diamante brooches, pearls and crystals to add sparkle.

The bedding piece is designed on a sophisticated silver satin base with delicate lace trim. This detail continues on to the gorgeous cushions and quilted runner. Add the beautiful cushions made from luxurious dove grey color with sparkling diamante brooch to complete the look. Eleanora promises to add a sense of opulence to your bedroom with its lovely pale white details including a delicately pleated front layer and shimmering diamante embellishments. The set is designed in sumptuous oyster satin along with two square pillowcases and two housewife pillow cases.

This piece is looking bold and sophisticated designed in cassia bed linen and displays a beautiful ribbon ruffle detail to add a darkly glamorous touch to the black satin. Layer this design with a sumptuous quilted runner and embellished cushions to create a stunning dramatic layered look.

The collection showcases lavish fabrics, featuring satin, velvet, luxury cotton and sateen. Each set includes one duvet cover, two coordinating square pillowcases, and two housewife pillowcases and in addition the bedding set also includes one Eleanora cushion, one Mistico cushion.

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