Multi-Functional Living Room Design Ideas


Living is no doubt a very important part of the home as it is a welcome place for guests and family gatherings. A multifunctional living room can be more comfortable and convenient. A multifunctional living room can play role of a study room, a drawing room, a dining room, or it can be linked with or without a parting wall with kitchen. How it can be designed and decorate is not really a hard task, since you know the area of the room and choose the Furniture and decoration accordingly. See the following multifunctional living room design ideas for making your home heartier.

Stylish Living with Book shelves and Pretty Kitchen


A living room like this can be very much functional as it is in the center of the home it’s more like a family room than a living room.

Artistic Office living


Art lover keep the art work near to them wherever they are, this living is basically for office but it can a home-office living.

Cozy Living with Asian Room divider


An amazing idea for the small area living room! Traditional Glass room divider is enhancing the functionality of the room.

Eclectic Study Living


Well it can be seen how charming this little living room is, containing small chairs tables and an elegant wall mounting mirror.

Family Room


Nothing can be better than a living room joining the whole home. Compact, well decorated livings with roof heighted shelve, way more than just perfect.

Heavenly Living


The colors of the living room make a great impact on the visitors and the people living in the home. Such vibrant color scheme and Wallpaper just make the efforts paid off.


This Cozier living space has both sitting and dining area. A beautiful fireplace on one wall and a pretty hanging light arrangement.

Enlightened functional Living


A zealous color combination and beautiful furniture! This living contains dining place, a joined kitchen and a TV lounge.


Living rooms not always mean a large paining and giant size sofas, but it can be decorated with simple and sophisticated décor, you can make your own DYE project for the living room.

Kitchen wall linked


This graceful living room is a parting wall far from the Kitchen.

Stylish living with open counter


This stylish living with chic white sofas and wood floor is so enchanting, the oper kitchen counter just adding functionality.

Cool living with Storage


A comfortable sofa, red flowers complimenting the red cherry cushions and a useful storage is so complacent.

Living with Study


The wall heighted book shelves in this living are totally amazing.

Modern living with White Shelves


This is simply a delightful eco friendly living.

Sunroom-living room


Most probably the best design let the sun ray come from all three big windows of the room with a great wood view of outside. Beautiful furniture and fresh Green plant pots.

Perfect Bright


This one is for comparatively small area living room, the three vertical windows enchanting the room.

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