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Bedroom is the most important and private place for every one where everyone can sleep, eat, drink, watch movies and everything that he wants to do. No one can forbid you because you have a full right on your bedroom and you can do all things in your bedroom according to your wish. You can keep all your necessary things save in your personal room and can find things easily when it is needed. So the cleanliness and decoration of this place is compulsory and very important. Because if the area is dirty, it looks so bad and you feel unease and uncomfortable.

When the guests come at your house then they stay in your bedroom, so the bedroom should be neat and clean because the other persons observe your home discipline. So first clean the bedroom and then change the bed cover velvet bed sheet look so elegant. This article is about the luxury bedding, let’s talk about the bedcovers.

The winter season is going on and the people want to keep themselves cozy and hot so velvet stuff is very inn in the dresses, bed sheets and the shoes for the cozy and smooth touch. You can bedding the velvet stuff bed sheets in your room, it shows your room wide and sparkling .Dark colors are good for bedrooms because in winter on the light color we feel  cold and look cool to eyes so you can buy this the dark color velvet bed sheet.

This bed sheet is designed in grey, copper color with a little touch of golden color. Stitched with golden scrolled embroidered skirt, the skirt is made in the tissue stuff. The skirt adjusts the queen or king size bed. Looking so nice, the pillow covers are designed in the same stuff and same design of coverlet and velvet frill is also attached with them to make them more beautiful.

Brides are very well groomed and they want to see their room will also furnish. The bride room is decorated in the beautiful style, beautiful bed cover in red color with red brocade stuff skirt is spread on the bed, blanket, pillows and cushions all are red even the rug is also used in cream, golden and red color to create the romantic environment for the couple.

If you want that your room will look large than its actual size then paint the white color on your walls and the glittered golden color on the side walls dark brown with black and golden shimmered color  is used on the bed if your room is made up of the tiles then you have no need to cover the floor with mat and carpet.

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