Living Room Furniture Designs and How to Arranging in Small Space


The living is the one of the most important places in a room, the family sits there together every day and share precious moments. This important part of house must be comfortable despite the size of the room. Here are some amazing ideas for arranging furniture in a small living room.

Get bold

Designer Krista Ewart says, “I don’t think you should ever restrain yourself! And big, bright, and bold actually makes small spaces seem larger. The more statement pieces, the better.” The vibrant and bright colors, mix of patterns and flowers make the living room cheerful and bright.


Light arrangements

Save space of side table lamps by using roof and wall mounting enchanting lights.


Keep furniture central

Kilmer says, “If you create space beyond the furniture, it adds volume to a room.”


Trick the Eye

You can make your walls look great by using art pieces, pictures and paintings. Use the decorations with tricks to make living room look vast.


Low seating

Low seating prevents to make your space look crowded and rushed. Buy the Low-seated sofas or chairs with small table.


Replace coffee table with smaller tables

According to Fulk, “They’re better for traffic flow than one of those huge knee-knockers, and easily moved to wherever we need them,”


Seating with Storage

David Kaihoi says, “Everything has to have more than one purpose.” Having seating with storage in small living room can help to store stuff in compact place.


High hung curtains

Hang the curtains high for great walls and it also give the impact of airiness.


Bigger scale

Marvic’s Damier says, “I think comfort is about big scale,” she says. “Lots of little things in small spaces tighten things up visually. Squeeze as much comfort into a room as possible — that’s my motto!”

Have big comfortable Chairs with your favorite prints on them


Face to face seating

Keeping seating arrangement in a way that the people see each other’s faces in front of them than to at their left or right will conversations easy. Place chair/seats face to face with sharing table in access of all seats.

Divide the room

Divide the room in to two, living and dining with Furniture. Place sofa with back to dining table. It will help to make the place spacious and you can arrange the other furniture in accordance.


Four chair living

Small living might not allow big sofa set. In that case you can arrange four chairs with slip covers and pretty bright colored cushions.



Put all the sitting arrangements together with a rug. Place a large rug in center of the room that covers the whole sitting area.


Diagonal arrangements

When you place the furniture diagonally it gives unique look to the room. In addition to that it creates a welcoming path for the guests.



The main activities in a living room are watching TV or lounging. Place comfortable mix of sofa, armless chair, loveseats and chaises. The sofa is the main sitting and it’s face should obviously be towards TV, the seats can be rearrange at anytime.



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