How to Decorate The Basement For Your Family

0. Basement decorating ideas for family room

0. Basement decorating ideas for family room

Decoration is also a fun and it is not   an easy job   because  all the people are not good  in the  setting of  the things   and  decorate the house is the  wish of everyone  because everyone wants to see his house well decorated and   luxurious some people have not a big houses but they decorate it  like  a royal house but some people who have large and big houses they  keep their things in  wrong manners due to this their house look  not attractive  and charming the house is such a place where everyone  live  like to his  wish here no one can   stop him to sleep ,eat ,play everything which he can’t do in the official places .

each and every corner of the house should be neat and clean with great decoration if you love your house then it is your responsibility  so the people decorate the drawing room and the bedroom  and leave the TV lounge which is in the form of  basement  and basement is such a place where the whole family members are  together we can say it TV lounge and the living area  so many ways to decorate the  basement  but it can be   settle in perfect way that all the  family members can  sit  easily.

Winter season decoration:

1. Basement decorating ideas for family room

Put the leather sofas in the basement because when something fall on the leather sofas we can wiped out with the   clothe and  avoid from the  fabric sofas because children are also  sit there they can damage it  and make it dirty . not use the glass table in the  basement because  the glass can  break  use the dark color rug on the floor because light colors carpets and the rugs become dirty  fire pits are  in the room make your room cozy and warm  decorate your room in this way for the winter  season.

Wooden decoration plan:

2. Basement decorating ideas for family room

The houses  which are made with the wooden things look perfect and  now a days the trend of wooden floor is increasing day by day if you like the  life style of the classic age  then adjust your basement setting  with the  wooden  table  LCD rack ,chairs and the   fireplace  it is best  copy of the classical age   use the dark color   center mat  if in your room  any window   then decorate it with flowers and the   vines  because it gives   you fresh breathe  when you sit near the window.

Bricks made walls idea:

3. Basement decorating ideas for family room

In the  previous years the trend was too much  high to decorate the walls with the brick  it look like the  street look in the house  so for the comfortable setting of your basement you can keep the foam   L style sofa  in the dark color  and do the ceiling  with the matching sofas color and use the colorful lights in the ceiling  and use the rug in nude color because the ceiling and the sofas color are dark   on the sofas you can keep the contrasted cushion  for  enhance  the beauty of your  basement  family room.

Latest style of decoration:

4. Basement decorating ideas for family room

Grey wall with the   printed ottoman  coffee table  with the grey sofas  and printed light color  curtain you can use the white  organza  curtain also  but it is up to you which color do you like to  contrast with your sofas  use the colorful printed cushion  with   crochet   round chairs  and at the place of these chairs you can put the floor cushion also  at the both corner of the sofas keep  the big lamps with colorful bulbs  and  make a rack for the LCD because  stand  LED is  popular among the people .

Entertaining room:

5. Basement decorating ideas for family room

Basement   room is  in fact the room of entertainment   and the people do enjoy in this room  you can  do the white wash according to your choice  and make a brick wall  and  put a LCD on this wall it look so enchanting but if you  don’t want to go with this wall then  you can   make the wallpaper with  the different colors  and different style  if you are using pastel color  in the  basement then  keep  the room illuminate with the light green and the peach color  lamps  and keep the large sectional  cozy sofa in your room if your basement is not big then its look so nice.

Contrasted walls:

6. Basement decorating ideas for family room

If you want to make your basement walls  contrasted then don’t choose both dark color but it is good  to select one light and the other is bold  where you want to put LCD keep this wall  in light  color   but  you can  design on this wall  it is up to  but where you want to   pull the   picture and the other decoration keep this wall bright  and plain  and minimalist sofa is good for this room  with the wooden floor.

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