Large Wedding Cake With Different Designing Technique


Wedding is a big day foe bride and groom both and also a special one. Both make a lot of plans to make their marriage memorable not only for them but also for the guests. To make a marriage ceremony successful the things are necessary are the setting and decoration of the place, management of food and activities that involve the guests with the family.

With all these things a ceremony specifically a happy one does not complete without desert. And in sweet dish people get excited looking at a cake. So it is a very important tradition of wedding ceremony to cut the cake and bride and groom do this with their own hands. This tradition finds its roots in western countries but other countries now also following this.

A large cake with floral designing on it;


This cake is in round shape and from the start to the end it is going in sequence. This long building of cake has almost ten portions and after every portion a golden designing at the end is making the cake attractive. Further the cake is decorated with flowers of red and white colors to make it look magnificent. At one side of the cake the floral designing is making the cake look eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

A surprising cake with sudden entry;


As soon as the cake enters a wedding ceremony it brings smile on every one’s face. A way to make the entry more classy and surprising is to bring the cake in chandelier form. In this technique first make the lights off and then spotting lights on cake bring it to the ceremony the way it is hanging with the help of three layers that is balancing it. Making others blurred you can have the focus of everyone on the cake. As it is shown in the picture, the flower designing on the last of the cake is commendable making the cake charming and appealing. You can select such color of flowers that match to the dresses of the bride and groom.

Cake in the form of a palace;


This is not the age of doing things without any theme. You must have any theme in your mind as different designs can be made now in cakes. Here is an idea of making the cake more special and interesting is to take inspiration of a place. In this picture a cake is shown that is palace inspired. It is designed beautifully with animal imagery at the end. The cake is really looking for prince and princess and t s a very good way to make bride and groom feel special.

White and black cake;


This cake is inspired from the dresses of bride and groom. Just like the dress of the bride the portions of white color cake are decorated with lace designing and the black color is taken from groom’s wearing. The gown that a bridal wears on wedding could be long so more portions of cake are given to the bridal than the groom. From the eight portions of cake six are given to white color and two are of black color.

Cake decorated with ribbon and large pearls;


Although the taste of cake holds significant importance yet its designing pattern comes the first. So be careful while you select a design for your cake. Ruffle designing on the cake is looking very outstanding. The cake is really attention-grabbing with the decoration from pearls and rhinestones. At the end of every portion designing with beads is looking very nice and awesome.

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