Ideas To Décor The Cake On Baby Shower Day

cake decoration ideas for baby shower (13)

Customs and traditions soon become the identity of a society and to celebrate these occasions is important to retain these customs and traditions. Baby shower is the tradition in west where before or after the birth of baby an event is occurred in which all family members and close relatives are invited.

All relatives attend the ceremony with full enthusiasm and they come with wishes and gifts for the child. To be a mother is the greatest blessing for a woman and a woman feels herself complete after giving birth to a child.

For the happiness of mother and in order to make welcome to new born child who is going to be a part of family it is very nice and lovely to have a baby shower day for child and mother. An auspicious ceremony would remain incomplete without the cake cutting ceremony.

A cake is must to bring sweetness to occasion and you can have different styles and designs in cake to make that look according the day and the occasion. Different cakes are here to give you idea what design you can have on this day:

A round shape cake with shoes as topping:

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This cake will look adorable and if you are going to arrange the baby shower before the birth of child then this kind of topping will look very pleasing and lovely. Before the birth of the child every one eagerly wait for the news either there is going to be a baby boy or baby girl. So you can show your enthusiasm with this designing of the cake. This idea would be brilliant to make everyone feel happy and have smile on face when they will look at the cake.

A wonderful cake with the designing of cradle:

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This cake will make the mother drive crazy with its splendid look and imagery that it is showing. A cradle in which the baby is sleeping in the form of cake is an amazing idea to have nice-looking cake on baby shower function day. Cake must look according the situation and the event. From the look of the cake anyone can well imagine that it is specially for a baby and you can show your love and happiness for the arrival of baby in the form of cake too.

A chocolate cake with baby accessories:

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This chocolate cake is looking very tempting with its yummy look. What is making the cake lovely and more captivating is the designing on it. The topping of the cake is looking very sweet and cute. These are the accessories that make the parents feel lovely and you can make these things also on cake to make it specially for child. Not only the taste but topping is also very important, the way you décor the cake show your happiness and joy for the occasion. So the decoration of the cake is the great thing to show your inner happiness for the day.

A welcome cake for the child:

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This cake is looking wonderful. Sky-blue color cake with white color designing is making the cake wonder-struck. The images of fishes on cake and floral designing with dress of the child are making the cake amazing.

Alphabets on one side of the cake to welcome the child are also looking a doable thing for this occasion. You can show your warm welcome to the new born baby. These things will make you feel happy and you can well celebrate the day doing these little things.


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