Attractive Food Rice Presentation Ideas to Attract the Guests:


Food needs attraction before serving it. According to this quote; “A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller. So you need to add attraction in your presenting food. Specially rice should be served well in different ways for your guests. So if your guests are food lovers then you need to follow these presenting following dishes.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw


Rice with zucchini:

Plating rice with zucchini is the coolest way to present. So have a zucchini and don’t peel it. Just emit seeds of zucchini and filled it up with your texture of rice and in last add some cheddar and mozzarella cheese on it and bake it for 5-10 minutes. And present it in a platter.


Stuffed rice with roasted chicken:

Add rice in to the roasted chicken if you are not aware of presenting your chicken well. So fill it up with the presenting rice.


Stuffed pepper beef and rice:

To make your rice more attractive and unique present your rice with pepper and beef. Make a dish of rice and grounded beef and stuff it in to the pepper and bake it for 5 minutes. In last present it to your guests.


Pineapple platter with shrimp rice:

You can also use a pineapple as a platter. This is the most attractive way to present your rice. If you want cheese on topping, go for it.


Chili and lime fish with rice:

Add a bowl of rice on a platter. Just you need to do is take a small bowl, grease it well, add boiled rice in to it and press it bit, then plate it on the platter, served it with yummy lime fish with garnishing of green onion.


Cheesy rice:

You can also plate rice with rice, in case if your dish looking boring or dull. So just add some cheese on its top.


Rainbow rice:

Rainbow rice is too simple to make. Just you have to do is to boil your rice in different colors and make layers of it before presenting it. Most of the rainbow rice is use as a sweet dish.


Volcano rice with vegetable curry:

Plate rice in a platter, by giving shape of a mountain and pore some vegetable curry under the rice mountain, and present it according to the view of volcano.


Spanish rice with chicken:

Spanish rice is too yummy to have it, so always try to serve it with the chicken or with red saucy chili shrimps.


Fried rice with chicken wings:

If you are going to serve fried rise to your guests, then try to not to present them alone. You can add yummy and saucy wings on your plate too. Also add some red chili garlic sauce.


Saucing rice:

Avoid serving boiled rice alone, you can add some different kind of sauces as a topping.


Rice omelet:

Add some rice in your omelet. Present them with ketchup.


Rice salad:

You can also present your rice in the form of salad. Just add some raw veggies and lots of olives in to the boiled rice, and present it as a salad.


Rice ice-cream:

You can place rice desert also after having meal. Add some ice-cream under the layers of crispy rice.


Sushi rice:

Sushi rice are much famous it Korea. You can also present your rice in the way of sushi.


Rice pudding:

Rice pudding can be served as a sweet, to make it more attractive present it in to the glass. And add some jellies on the top for a presentation.


Joll rice with cream salad:

Present some cupped shaped joll rice on the platter with some chili chicken and also add some cream salad at the side of the platting dish image031

Arabian rice:

Arabian rice is mostly served with the Mewa. But you don’t need to present it with, add some crispy roll on the rice to make it look fantastic.


Rice and fish cake with noodles:

Make small cakes of fish and rice and present them on the noodles or you can place rice under these cakes instead of adding noodles.


Vegetarian rice:

If your guest is vegetarian then you can present boiled rice to them with white beans.


Rice with meat ball topping:

Add some meat ball on your rice to present a glamorous way.



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