Ideas for Girl’s Rainbow Room


Room is such a place at home that gives us peaceful and calm atmosphere in the room we can keep our all secret things  in our room our room is good place for playing, sleeping, reading  and for fun  we can  enjoy in our room  but we should keep our room clean because  dirty rooms look so bad  and the people called you idle  and ill mannered person come to the point that  rainbow inspired room is good for the girls because in the room we can do the things according to our choice  because  in the other room  all the siblings want to do their  favorite things but  in our room we can do anything according to our wish.

Now a day’s many wallpapers and the paint texture are common among the people .the people become so trendy  now a days they want to go with new and trendy  things whether it is in the dresses ,jewelry , or  anything  which we used in our  routine life. The rainbow is good because the girls are also a rainbow  because they are very colorful  and want to go with colorful things  that can give them  a good colorful look  here I  have  some rainbow inspired room  for the girls who want to see their room with  fresh  colors and  luxurious things.

Rainbow décor on birthday:


On the birthday of the girl you can decorate her room in the variety of colors because it give her more happiness with the help of colorful bunting bed cover sofa covers and the mat in 7 colors look so nice and the curtain should be white net stuff and the different thing should be in the rainbow color if you are going to wish the girl on the birthday then rainbow balloons are good for decorating the room. You can keep the colorful candles at night in her room and when her birthday starts wish her with rainbow room.

Rainbow furniture:


In the room at the place of rainbow walls and the sheets you can keep the furniture in rainbow colors because  these furniture can give your room a nice look  at the side of your bedroom you can make a living area where you can keep your books sofas and the tables  at that place  and the  sofas cover  should be in the  rainbow  styles  you can use the rainbow shaded floor mat and the  vases   r other things of decoration should be In white color.

For the little girl:


If you are decorating the room in the rainbow style for the little cute girl then on the wall white color paint  is good you can hang the  colorful frames photo in her room and the different  toys with  colorful Alphabet and counting  that can give your baby a learning  thing  in the room you can keep the colorful  decoration and toys  the selection of bed should be in good color like pink ,yellow ,green and the blue all colors are very good for the little girl room.

Welcoming to new born girl:


The new born cute baby girl want to see different colors in her  surroundings  so if you want to give her a rainbow  inspired room then   decorate the wall with colorful paint and use the flowers  because she is also a little cute flower  you can use the balloons and bunting on the walls to say her welcome in very colorful way  cover your bed with colorful rainbow bed sheets and the curtains with floor mat you can use the cartoon inspired pictures on the wall with the cartoon character toys.

Butterfly inspired room:


In the room if you want to rainbow look then you can use the rainbow inspired bunting and the candles with the  colorful butterfly tattoos on the walls with great  colorful bed sheets   and colorful plants with  the wood  and the artificial flowers can create a garden like look because you are also a butterfly with lots of color and very delicate.  If you are making the wall colorful then leave the mat simple and  plain but if walls are  simple then rainbow shaded floor mat is decent and amazing for the room.

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