Different Doors For The Houses


House is the place where we spend our not much time but it is a place where live peacefully and  calmly there is no tension for us in living the house  because house is the best shelter for us it is an old proverb that “own house is own paradise “.the ladies who are very decent and like the decent things they want to keep their houses neat and clean and  want to decorate their houses in great ways .

it is a fact that the houses of the  all people is neat and clean but nobody  take enough notice toward  their house outsides  area that the door front is neat or not .for the cleaning of the  house we  d white wash in our house but  skip the doors way it can be possible  you should pay attention toward your home doors and keep your doors clean and shiny .here we are talking about the  front door of the houses  that in which color  do we should paint it .

Blue color door:


Blue colors the sign of the sky and the sea it gives the cold impact in our eyes blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body   if you have white wash on the front of your house then blue door is good  you can paint the blue color on the white wash it look so nice and hang the decorator things on the  blue door. You can hang the wrath and the other floral stand to create the beauty.

Red paint idea:


The people who like the dark color and in the front of their houses the mustard and the skin color white wash is used they can use the  red and maroon paints on their doors it create  a gorgeous look  if your  door way is not too much bigger then you can do the wooden floor with the  decorated pots and the flowers on the walls the red color flowers near the door can give  your home  a nice look.

Mustard door paint:


The houses are the places where we can do according to our will the house front door can tell your status easily  so keep your front door neat  and select such doors that are looking gorgeous  if your housed is  near the garden and the too much rustic things are in your garden then you can use the rustic color paint on the door with the golden touch  and  if the window of your house is inside the door then  use the such color curtains on it.

Designed door:


Simple and the designing both doors are com on among the people if you like the door is fancy then you can use the light yellow color and designing on the white color paints with taken the inspiration for the others as just like some like to make inspiration of the birds and the other floral designs you can made on your doors with the different color paint you can make it in the two sides and the one sides big gate is also good.

Chocolate brown:


If your house is on the main road and you have babies then you should go with the dark colors that can easily bear the muddy hands because it is dark color and not dirty quick so you can decorate it with colorful things you can use the rustic style flowers on the door the cage and the flower basket can be hanged on the door and on the windows you can go with the skin color tiles and the copper color foot mat.

Reddish maroon:


On the Christmas party you can paint the door with reddish maroon  because charismas party’s decoration is  done to inspire the red color of the Santa clause  so you can use the red paint in the front  door of the house and on the plants of the   house use the red and green color decorative items it can give your  front  beautiful and use the Christmas tree  floor mat and the cap.

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