Well Decorated Bohemian Jewelry in Different Unique Ways


Every lady likes home decorating and when it is done specifying with certain theme, then it creates awesome effects to home adornments. Bohemian style is the unique one that has gorgeous styling especially in renovating home. Bohemian is not a style but the complete depiction of styling life with specific impressions and today the topic has relation to bohemian jewelry that has versatile purpose to wear and to style in the decoration of your home. Bohemian style rooms do not only contain the furniture but the boho exotic lines with embellishments in which ruffles, layered detailing have great importance. We will tell you how you can make your home décor according to picking jewelry and just put on different places.

Regardless of the fact to buy new jewelry we have DIY ideas of renewing old jewelry or the jewelry in your use, you have to embellish it and that’s all, the advantage is that you can wear again and again and then place at the décor item you have picked. Rushing towards the expensive jewelry store is not the ultimate solution in this regard but you can buy such jewelry items from local stores too where the beautiful jewelry also has quality to fulfill your need of styling it as fashion and for décor too. Try to buy the exact boho inspired jewels with multi color stones, beads, and statement designs, well for more ideas we are bringing you the space of gorgeous ideas.

Multi beaded necklaces to style on walls:


We have two ideas with different ways, first of all for minimalist homes you can just give the tints of DIY expressions with bohemian jewelry like in the picture the arrow design holder is holding the beauty of bohemian necklaces that is creating awful impressions. But if your bedroom has the full inspiration about bohemian lifestyle then try to give definite boho styling to one place like backdrop of bedding.  Style rustic wood piece and layer it up with multiple jewelry items.

Pick up decorated items for jewelry:


The next unique way is to style your living room with putting the decorated items such as the crystal lantern jars and the Moroccan style table trays. Pick up your bohemian jewelry in which earrings, necklaces, rings and multi beaded layers are included. To make the crystal lanterns unique, pick up long and short jars and style single jewelry item in one jar.

Window bohemian décor:


Layering up window is very popular in room decorating but this is the most different way of having your boho jewelry and layer the window with great looks ever. You can style the long stone beaded multi layered necklaces and tuck the earrings and rings in that layers to add the crazy factor. You may contact to any store contained the bohemian decoration items where you find such styling easily.

Bohemian Jewelry chandelier:


Another way to style the room with bohemian inspiration is to set up room chandelier; you can style such jewelry chandelier to bedroom and in living room too. Hanging the multi color beads and stones long layers, it would create colorful effects so tremendously. Besides this you can also add the small feather circles to that chandelier.

Jewelry holder idea:


Prepare any empty frame to hang on wall and let the all jewelry to this frame. This DIY idea is also great when you have no space for jewelry and it would be easy to lift one jewelry item and get ready to go in boho party of friends. Picking up spoon holders in kitchen to accessorize the bohemian jewelry is also exquisite, embellish all jewelry there and give a new look to kitchen inspired by boho theme.

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