Use the Space Under Staircases to Put Different Things

3. Store things under the staircase

If your house is situated on a small space area then you mostly need to use each and every space of home to adjust your all domestic luggage in a proper way. We often need to put this luggage in a way that doesn’t create mess and give the bad impressions. Have you watched out the Harry Potter living out under stairs using that small space for his bedroom? Well that was the best to see and every kid dreamt of having such kinda living style. Don’t worry; you can use that small space even with putting out different things to store them properly.

Utilizing the space under staircases is no doubt a wondrous thing but you have to design that space according to your wish. Either you can make the drawers to put things or to set out all items wisely by adjusting that space into a small room. Our ideas given below are too interesting and also exciting to have this to your room too. In the images the space under the stairs has also been utilized into the small washroom that is perfect to save the space of small house.

You may even make a small but concise play room under the space of stairs in your home, mostly small house children have to bear the pain to not have play room separately and this idea is perfect to facilitate small kids fantastically. It’s not all about the small houses but if you have the luxurious house then the space under stairs can be managed modernly too. Well our most rated ideas are here to delight the space and for storing this space in a well managed way.

Shelves under staircases:

1. Store things under the staircase

•    Well this is an amazing idea to use the under stair cases as shelves to store or to put different things like books, vases, pen, jars and many other things. Don’t just put the things but style them to shelves properly and in a beautiful ways. This doesn’t only give the space a well decorated meaning but provide you chance to place the things that do not available right when you need them

Boxes under stairs filled with things:

2. Store things under the staircase

•    If the space under stairs is empty then bring this in use by putting big size boxes and fill every box with one thing related to all family members so that it can be found easily later. This idea is useful when you have big number of things to keep and there is no cabinets made under the stairs.

Use stairs for storing items:

3. Store things under the staircase

•    This idea is also amazing to design the stairs in a way that it is style like a dressing table drawer and you can save different items in these stair drawers perfectly. Store the shoes, books, small gadgets and even the clothes if your cupboard has no more space to bear out the dresses.

Library under stairs:

4. Store things under the staircase

•    This is most common way to decorate the space under stairs or to utilize that space for library by putting hundreds of books. This can work well when you have small house and no library room to have reading in a peaceful atmosphere. In such cases making out the shelves for books under the stairs is wonderful to style beautifully.

Drawers and computer table under staircases:

5. Store things under the staircase

•    So, here is another idea to consume the space under stairs perfectly by making the locked drawers and if there is much space then make the table to put computer there and have a chair to search the things or assignments you have to work on. You can make dresser there too if you don’t need to restyle drawers.

Close space for things:

6. Store things under the staircase

•    Well for putting the messy things you don’t like to place these openly that are why make a small room and the shelves there to keep the all things in it and close this space with wood room. This idea is perfect for shops where they have to store the items like paint in open space.

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