How to Decorate Small Places in Good Manners

kitchen Creative Decorating Ideas for Small Space

Big house is a blessing and everyone is not blessed with this so they have to live in small places with lot of household things. And they have to face a great difficulty to mange things in a good manner so we will tell you how you can manage and store things in small spaces in a very good manner. First thing is cleanliness and it doesn’t matter whether your house is big or small, you should always keep your apartment neat and clean.  At first, let’s talk about a small drawing room.

If you have a small drawing room then never buy big sofas to sit in and decorate your drawing with space saving furniture. You can put wooden chairs because they need little space and put a medium size table and the color of your furniture should be light and carpet should also in light color because light colors give the effect of larger. If your bed room is small and you want to put a television in it then use a corner of bed room to put a television, skip the dressing table and place a large fancy mirror above the fire place.

If you are fond of study books and there is not extra place in home that you can make a separate study room then put all your books in an almirah place in the wall. In a small bath room you can make an almirah with drawers so you can store lot of things in it easily and the bath room will not look messy.
In a high ceiling room a separate place can be made for study or an area can be made to store things like books and it can be decorated with indoor plants.

Put a small table and chairs in a small drawing room.
If the area of the kitchen is small then separate the dining area from the kitchen and keep the entire area open. Put storage shelve in the kitchen to store and display necessary and pretty items.
All necessary things should be kept in cabinets. Paint the walls and pillars of your home with white color. Keep your books in book shelves in a good manner that you can easily take the book of your choice.

Put a small glass table in front of window so you can enjoy the air and light with reading books.
Everything is present in this bed room like television, fire place, and study table etc. The area of the kid’s bed room is small so you can make double storey beds and decorate the walls with colorful things.

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