Gorgeous and Unique Bathroom Designs With Fireplace


Bathroom is the most important place in a house and everyone should keep it neat and clean. Mostly people ignore the area of bathroom while cleaning the house. They clean each and every place of house but forget the most important area of the bathroom. If bathroom is not clean it is full of germs and causes many health issues. It is said that the mannerism of a woman can be recognized by the cleanliness of kitchen and bathroom. A tidy bathroom makes the good impression and everyone praise the housewife while dirty and smelly bathroom leaves very bad impression on the users.

Some people like huge bathroom area and the luxurious bathroom. They like to construct it with tiles of different colors and some prefer wooden floor. The trend of tiled bathroom is increasing day by day.
A fireplace is a structure made of brick, stone and metal designed to contain fire. Everyone who has a fireplace knows very well that there is nothing more powerful as the open fire. It adds warmth, ambiance, and is the place that gathers everyone around for a chat, meal, tea, coffee or simply to relax.
People living in cold countries like to made a fireplace attached with bathroom to get rid of cold while taking shower.

This is an amazing idea because in this way, they can enjoy their bath or shower more.
Stone is a symbol not only for reliability and durability but also of luxury. A stoned bath room looks and elegant and stone fireplace is a strong element in rustic, country style of design and it is often seen in mountain log house or cottage. You can see in the picture stoned bath room made in short space with fireplace too, add some candles and your spa paradise is ready.

The master bath room always looks elegant. After a long day, there is nothing better than being able to retreat to your own private oasis. This gorgeous specious bathroom offering a beautiful view and ample lightening, featuring a floating marble topped bathroom cabinets and a tiled tub with fireplace. With sleek tiled flooring and tiled top counter, a fireplace is also made on the side of the bath tub to keep warm and shower area of the bath room is separated with glass doors, this elegant bathroom offers a clean, atmospheric space.

Elegant mahogany marble bath tub placed in the front of glass window and fireplace is also constructed in the corner of contribute towards this gorgeous bath room. At first glance, you might mistake this bathroom for a living room, with a comfortable seating area and coffee table. But an elegant, simple tub and walk-in-shower proves otherwise, creating an elegant and appealing space where lingering all day in the bathroom is acceptable.

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