Dream and Deluxe Room Interior Ideas for Teenage Girls


We must think it clearly that girls when enter into teenage, all their preferences get changed right from childhood period. The phase from childhood to teenage changes the thoughts, choice and everything of girls so when it talks about the room, it must be decorated with interior that is perfect and functional for teenage girls.

Room interior counts too much as the girls have to sleep, roam, study and do a lot of things. So, according to us, a teenage girl room must be multi functional. It must fulfill their need to study, to sleep, to dance, play and to have seating with friends. Even if you have small room, it must be allot a space for lounging where your girl and her friends have best meetings.

I must say that teenage girl’s room should present a dream like expressions just similar to a castle; it is really a good way to make them feel special in the age period when they are passing through a sentimental time. A girl is surely a princess and teenage girls like the fairytales most, so try to add the interior that is true representation of any fairy room.

Mostly pink theme is common but universal at the same time, however you may contrast the dark themes too that will highlight daisy effects in room.
A girls room paint color differs from boys room, try to involve your girl in selecting with which color theme she wants to go.

•    When going with any paint color, take all other interior according to this. Create harmony and balance in the room and don’t present a teenage girl room just like a show room where just one after other decoration is highlighting the room.

•    Pick up interior which is according to need and may have modern look too.


When styling a teenage girl room, parents must give attention to lighting. It matters a lot while you are going to spruce up dreamy effects. If room situates where enough windows can give light then probably you don’t need much lighting but for other rooms, focus on ceiling lights and décor in the modern way. Only ceiling lights create daisy impressions in room which will delight the mood of girl incredibly.

•    Yet the girls have gone out childhood where they need most toys but in teenage they further needs to update room with their favorite toys, so create fun like impressions by adding some toys.

•    Chairs are must have even when they have to make their friends sit in the room, opt for chairs and table that have posh designing and fulfill the needs of girls.

Furniture and wall work:

It is important to give the walls a whimsical touch of elegance when you have intentions to set the room in deluxe ways. Wallpapers with dreamy art are chic but ask to your girls that which kind of décor she wants. You may give the walls an artistic pallet of having different paint colors on separate walls. Besides this, you must add framing and wall decoration but with less impressions.

Similarly in interior, furniture choice matters much. For this purpose parents can approach an interior stylist company where most new furniture designs can give you idea and these interior stylists are also active in giving ideas according to room direction, space and volume.

Mirror is must have:

The interior ideas given through the pictures can clear to you that every teenage girl room has been filled with a mirror which is the crucial need of even any young girl. The girls have to stand in front of mirror many times a day when they set to go out, for a party or any celebration. Decide that your girl like wall mirrors or dressing tables with mirrors.

Well, these were some recommendation on the behalf of us, what do you like in your teenage girl room interior. Tell us fast in comments and rush below to have a glance at the pictures to get ideas.

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