Diy Bedroom Designs With Brown Color


Bed room is a place where people get rest after the whole day tiresome and sleep. So it can be said that bed room is the most important place in the house and we go there to take some rest or for sleeping so this place must be clean and tidy and your bedroom is decorated according to the choice with appropriate colors. Some people like light colors and they keep all the things in bed room in light color including the color of walls, bed cover, lamp and etc and some people like dark colors as brown and they want to see each and everything [resent in the bedroom in brown color. We also discuss the brown color in your bed room.

Brown is a warm color and it looks outstanding when it is paired to other light color like ivory shade. If you are lover of brown color then decorate your bed room with the color of your own choice and you can do this by making curtains for your glass window in brown color and you can also buy bed covers in brown color or you can buy the brown color furniture. Chocolate brown accent wall and same color furniture and canopy bed sets the tone for this modern and romantic bed room. Almost everything in this room is in brown color including bed rug, curtains and the colors of walls and the roof is also brown and the yellow accents add a pop of color.

Dark and rich brown color can create the atmosphere of romance when everything in the bedroom is used in this color with the combination of white color as you can see the picture the bed spreads with pillow covers is used in white color and blanket, big cushion, curtains and furniture is in brown color and a beautiful looking mirror in the shape of sun placed on the back wall of the bed has enhanced the beauty of the bed room.

Blue and brown are a match made in heaven, whether in light or airy hues, dark and rich shades or a combination of two this dazzling duo can live up any space as you can see this combination in this room the bed spread is in brown and blue print looking great with brown wall and furniture.
The room is looking so beautiful because it is wide and airy.

The back wall is painted with dark brown color and transparent glass is used to make the closet in front of brown wall and bed is kept in front of the glass closet. Blanket and tables are also in brown color. A sophisticated brown hue lets the room’s mix of ivory shade art work including blanket and cushion shine. The color of back wall gave a similar showcase effect to a brightly hued-thrift shop sofa and vintage glass lamps.

A chocolate brown wall is a delicious backdrop for bold accessories and a wall painting in the combination of brown and white above the head of the bed sets the tone for this romantic master bedroom. A geometrical design rug adds a handsome touch to this master bedroom decorated in two color combination furniture, curtains and back wall is in brown color and white ceiling with led lights is incredible and also worth admiring that beautiful weightless-looking television panel.



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